Quicksand Charms Insert Instruction

Hello everyone, our quicksand keychain will be online soon! Are you exciting!

Here comes our long-awaited production quicksand keychain! The following is introduction.


Design Notice:

  • Quicksand should be made with no Border Charms. 0.5 mm single bleeding edge (with color) must be left for cutting.(Like the picture below)

If you have some difficulties designing it, please check our blog:

How to custom Borderless Keychain?

  • You can have up to different designs for quick sand charms. You can check the green layers structure for details.

Because the transportation of liquid in the world is very inconvenient, we thought of a way: let everyone fill the liquid in the keychain by themselves, so that everyone can also enjoy the fun of making their own quicksand keychain DIY.

We will print patterns for your quicksand keychain in advance and put the sand. We will provide you with insert tools and soft rubber plugs.

Please prepare in advance: the liquid to be injected, (Quicksand oil will be best). The oil can flow more slowly.


Water injection steps

1. Tear off the adhesive tape sealing the water injection hole

2. After absorbing water with syringe / straw, inject liquid into the keychain. Pay attention to the tilt angle in the guidance video, so it will prevent the liquid from overflowing directly.

3. After filling the liquid to the amount as you think, take out the soft rubber plug and insert it into the hole (to prevent it from falling out, you can insert some inside)

4. Cut off the excess soft rubber stopper with scissors. Success!


 If you still have questions, welcome to watch our video to get more information.

Congratulations on having your own quicksand keychain!

Contact us if you have any questions!

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Shaker charms are very interesting. Hope you have more fun!




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