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1. Low MOQ: Most products can be ordered from one to any number                        2. High Quality & Low Price: The products are of high quality and competitive price                  3. 60 Days of Worry Free Shopping: The after-sales time is 60 days. If you find your goods have quality problems within 60 days, you can contact us to deal with them                                  4. Meet all kinds of Customization Needs: If you have good ideas and other customized needs, you can let us know and we will try our best


Place order process:①Select item with (material, process, size, accessories, quantity, etc.) + upload file ②Add to shopping cart ③Fill your receiving address ④Select express ⑤Pay

Please refer to this blog for detailed process:  

Warm Tips

①Different products, processes or accessories need to upload artwork separately and add shopping cart for unified settlement; for the same process and accessories, only need to upload the files and add the shopping cart for settlement (you can check the question 3 for help)

②If there have problem with the file you upload, we will contact you to modify it

③The default hole location is directly above the design. If the hole location needs to be placed in other positions, please leave a message or mark in the design. If there are hole position requirements or more than 10 orders, we will confirm the outline with you through the email. The others will be arranged to do the goods directly. If you have any problems with the products, you can contact us and we will ensure that they can be solved  

Template (you can download and use): 

If products don't have template(such as transparent acrylic keychains), you only need to upload the original design to us. We have designer to make the cutline or hole for you, you just need to indicate your requirements(such as hole position).

Shaker acrylic keychain, serial/parallel keychains can design artwork as the following:(several small acrylic parts can put together in one file)

Note: when purchasing series / parallel Keychains, purchase the corresponding number of series / parallel keychains when placing an order

More than one designs for same size and same print technology can save files in this method:

Please Upload PSD/PNG/PDF/AI file. Please providing CMYK colour. Need 300 resolution, 1000 pixels or more.

The best file to upload is PNG transparent background or PSD format.

Warm Tips 

①Different design for double side, please separate the layer.

②If your design with semi-transparent part, please separate your design's semi-transparent art from your artwork as an individual layer in PSD file, and name it.

How can I set up my files for the transparent /gadient/custom color?

You can just put a separate gradient layer under the design

③Charm size should include charms border and hole and depends on the longest edge, not only the printing design size.

④Notice for designs with words:

Add the product to the shopping cart and you will see the discount price in the shopping cart. The more you order, the more discount you get.

Paypal, Credit card(VISA,MasterCard,JCB,American Express

We have a number of delivery options available for the safe transit of your goods. Our common delivery options are:

Expedited:FedEx ,TNT,UPS,DHL,etc.(2-7days excluding weekends)

Standard(In some areas):USPS,CNE Express(10-20days excluding weekends). 

① Collection: if you pay with PayPal, we will start processing your order after we collect. Before this, if there is any problem with the document or order information, we will contact you for modification by email

② Confirmation effect chart: if the order number of key buttons, standees, stickers, badges, pillows and PVC card is more than 10 or you have special requirements, we will confirm the effect chart (within 2 days after the collection). After confirming, we will arrange production

③ After delivery, we will inform you of the specific waybill number by email, and you can also check the logistics information by website navigation bar “Order Lookup”( 

Dear friends, this article will explain the cause of color difference in detail. We want you to have the best experience in Vograce, so we provide some solutions for you to solve the problem together.

Please refer to this blog: 

Acrylic Keychain

Acrylic charms are made with a solid, clear acrylic material that can be printed in full color and cut to any shape. 

Yes, we can. But if there are words in the pattern, you need to provide a back design, otherwise the words in the back pattern will be reversed.Different design for double side, please separate the layer.

Our default Keyring hole size is 2.8mm for the inner ring.

For special accessories, the hole size is 4.2mm for inner ring.

Yes you can,need to mark the position of the holes. serial/parallel keychains can design artwork as the following:(several small acrylic parts can put together in one file)

Note: when purchasing series / parallel Keychains, purchase the corresponding number of series / parallel keychains when placing an order

We offer acrylic charm samples and we have the Sample Pack for you to choose. 

Yes, the acrylic material in our charms is recyclable.

Our general acrylic charms sizes are from 1” to 4”. 

The maximum size is 297mm×420mm.

If you order charms over 4’’, you can contact the salesman for the detailed price. 

Our acrylic charms are 3mm~8mm thick. 

The minimum quantity for acrylic charms is 1,We don’t have the maximum order quantity.

Yes, in addition to the epoxy technique, every acrylic charm includes a clear, protective film to prevent scratching. Acrylic charms with protective film

You can choose freely from over 30 choices and you can also choose not to buy the accessories.

Acrylic charms can be printed in full color and cut to any shape.

Acrylic charms are secured in a opp bag or shipped in a protective bubble mailer.


Yes, we offer sample packs with a collection of a Sticker Sample Booklet,and a Double sided printed acrylic charm,a Tinplate Pin, a Lanyard, a Washi Tape for $5.  

Additionally, we provide free online proofs for orders so that you can see how we intend to print and cut your stickers before we make them. 

Our custom stickers are fade resistant for 2 years. The printing is water resistant too.

Yes, our custom stickers are weatherproof. They're able to withstand exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. Our stickers are coated with a protective laminate that makes them super durable and resistant to fading and water. 

We offer custom sticker starting at just 50 pieces.

We have a variety of stickers. These stickers have gloss finish: 

We offer all types of custom stickers: die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers, clear stickers, vinyl stickers, and more. You can choose according to your use.

Yes, our custom stickers have a permanent adhesive which adheres to most fabrics. Although, they will not withstand a washing machine and will not have the holding power as an iron-on adhesive would.

Use the longest edge portions of your design to determine the 

Yes, you are able to write on our custom stickers. We find permanent markers and ballpoint pens work best. Depending on the type of ink used, you may need to give the ink chance to dry before using your stickers.

You can place designs as you wish in the size range, with an interval of 10mm between the designs

How many stickers can I fit on a sticker sheet?

The number of stickers that can fit on a sticker sheet depends on the size of each sticker and the size of the sheet. Each sticker must be at least 10 mm space from the other stickers and all the stickers should be at least 2-2.5mm space from the edge of the sheet.

Yes, our custom helmet stickers are coated with a protective laminate to make them resistant to wind, rain, water, sunlight .

However, it may not be possible to apply a sticker across a curved surface cleanly. The stickers will still be durable and stay applied, but a larger sticker may have creases after being applied. For best results, we recommend smaller stickers such as 1" or 2" on curved surfaces.

You can can also order custom stickers as large as 297mm×420mm.

A die cut sticker is a sticker that's cut into a unique custom shape to fit a logo or piece of artwork. 


Currently, we offer metal pins, tinplate pins, acrylic pins

The minimum quantity for custom button pins is 1, custom enamel pins is 50

Custom pins are placed in opp bags and shipped in boxes to prevent damage during shipping. You can also custom the paper cards package.

There is no maximum order quantity for custom pins. But remember to confirm the production time with our salesman. 

Please refer to this blog for detailed process: 

Button pins (or pin-back buttons) are made from metal and feature a safety pin clutch. We offer buttons in basic shapes including round buttons, square buttons, rectangle buttons, and star buttons, heart buttons …

Pins (or enamel or lapel pins) are made from various materials and commonly feature a butterfly clutch or rubber pin back. We offer custom pins, made from a solid, metal material that can be printed in full color, cut to any shape.

It is our new products which are very rare in the market. The holo glitter film effect at the bottom will be shown through the transparent part of the design, showing the dazzling effect.

There will be Glitter Holo effect for the design excluding the white background layer.