Why are the colors different? chromatic aberration?

 Dear friends, this article will explain the cause of color difference in detail. We want you to have the best experience in Vograce, so we provide some solutions for you to solve the problem together.
1 Different displays
Due to the different camera equipment, light, angle and display effect of each monitor, there may be a weak color difference between the product photos you see on the computer and the real object.
2 Different color patterns: CMYK/RGB
RGB is suitable for online reading, while CMYK is used for printing.
In PS, the mode of RGB is the principle of adding color. RGB is the abbreviation of three English words, red, green and blue. It smears light in the black world.
CMYK is used in ink printing,and daubs color in white paper. Therefore, CMYK is subtractive principle and it’s based on three primary colors of light: red, yellow, green.
Different Batches
Products of  different batches will have some color difference. Because it's the different climate, the temperature and humidity are different. Meanwhile, the ink concentration of printing will be slightly different.
4 Different products
Different products use different machines, different printing materials and textures So different products will have a little color difference.
Please don't compare the different products.
5 Different process
The color display is affected by the added process.
Upgraded printing technology
But don't worry too much, our printer and printing technology has been upgraded. 
The ink color has changed from 4 colors to 8 colors, so the printing color is more accurate than before.
If there is serious color difference, please contact the salesman. If it is our problem, we are willing to reproofing for you.
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