Product Quality Guarantee

At Vograce, we ensure the quality of all our products. The products sold on our website are meticulously crafted by our staff according to specific standards that we have set. We only offer products that meet these standards, and in the event that a product does not meet them, we provide three solutions to resolve the issue.
Solution① Remanufacturing and free shipping.
Solution② Refund.
Solution③ Providing a coupon  (Value= Solution②*1.2 times )
If any of the following defects are found upon receiving the product, we will consider it an "initial defective product" and ask that you provide photos or videos of the defects within 4 weeks of delivery. You can choose from the three solutions mentioned earlier for after-sales processing. If you fail to contact us within 4 weeks after receiving the product, we will assume that all product issues are due to normal wear and tear and will not be considered quality issues.
If our sales representative does not provide you with after-sales service that meets the above standards, please contact our social media account. After verification, we will offer an additional $5 coupon as a token of our appreciation for helping us improve

After-sales Service
Social media accounts:
TikTok: @vogracecharms
Discord: Vograce Chat 

Regarding the warranty coverage:
The warranty covers non-human-caused product breakage/cracking, and adhesive failure within 60 days. We will be responsible for the repair during this period. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 
The following is not covered by the warranty:
  1. Compensation beyond the scope of the order and product price.
  2. Re-manufacturing with products or techniques different from the order before.