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Extremely cute!

I met Vograce because of this specific product, and holly boy I got surprised when I saw them in person. Mostly all of them are just great, but I must say 5 or 6 got a bit deflated, still, not a huge problem but it's an observation. The colors are very good, both printing and quality. The tiny charms are my favorite part so far and they are just cute!

Perfect and Great Quality

This product is outstanding, I'm very much impressed of how good they look in real life. I had my doubts because other printing companies have issues with the schemes of color but this ones just look as identical as the digital archive. Wow! I'm very much grateful with the service.

Very useful!

I ordered a sample pack just to see what types of products I'd want to order in the future and I'm really glad I ordered it! The sample pack came with various types of keychain toppers that I don't usually order, so I was able to see what kinds of keychain toppers I wanted for my more recent orders

Nice colors!

I had an issue with colors the last time I ordered acrylic keychains but this time the colors came out great!

Great Product

I was very happy with the quality and shipping time of this product. I can't wait to buy more.

Perfect and Great Quality

The color the printing is perfect, and the lanyards are wonderful. The acrylics have a very good quality, the right size and decoration. Only one charm got a wrong extra acrylic, but it's just a tiny observation. I adored Savi's customer service and support, always kind and specific in my order. Definitely if I have the chance I'm going to order more in the future.

Good quality product

I love the holographic effect and the quality of the acrylic it's so good, the colors of the impression it's accurate

great stickers and excellent customer service

These stickers are one of my bestsellers for a reason. they are amazing quality, stay sticky, and have the shiniest glow! my customers absolutely love them for their dual feature holographic and glow in the dark. in my order, i also received a lot of extras that i didn’t expect! i was very happy, and my sales rep Winnie was amazing to work with. Winnie provided fast communication and helped me whenever i needed it. will definitely order these again and again!

High Quality Acrylic Charms

Nice colors and foiling, communicative with proofs and orders. Thanks for the lovely charms!!

The pins were formatted perfectly and everything arrived safely, thank you!

The charms are very high-quality and everything was easy to put together! :)

Incredible printing, highly recommend!

This was my first time ordering from Vograce and I already know I’m going to order again in the future. The printing is absolutely incredible. The design I made had a lot of small detail in the horns specifically and I was a bit worried if it would get smudged together during printing. But nope, it printed perfectly! Thank you to Vograce for being able to make these I am very happy with the end product!

love it !

i love the feeling of the cover ! and it was bigger than expected ! so thats a plus !

love it !

lil confused when it came un assembled and i had to build it but it was soo satisfying


The epoxy coating on these are always such a lovely touch!

Pretty Keychains

I really love the effect that these have!


Thank you for such wonderful keychains!


These are always really popular with everyone because they’re always so pretty!

Always amazing!

These have always been some of my favorite because of how pretty they are

Great Keychains!

Amazing quality and super soft and cute!

Perfect Option for getting amazing keychains!

Vograce has been my go to for awhile now for all my products, and my favorite product to order from them are these keychains because there are so many options in keychain type, and the printing has always been phenomenal! Communication with my recent order was amazing, and I couldn't be happier <3

Amazing Buisiness Cards!

It was easy to follow the design guidelines, and I absolutely love how strong the card backing is and how vibrant the colors turned out! The print job was phenomenal, and I can't recommend this to others enough!

good job

I am really happy with how the keychains has turned out! it ended up even better than I had expected, the colors were as they were supposed to be and all the accesentories are cute too! I recomend

Mega good quality & so nice and soft!

The quality of the cushion is really damn good! The seams are great and the cover is really soft.

The material is really smooth. Excellent price and performance.

Print quality incredibly good.

I am very enthusiastic about the articles from vograce!

High quality & value for money.

The surface of the notebook is smooth, high-quality and pleasant to the touch.

The motif is very sharp and wonderfully realized, although the submitted image did not have the perfect dimensions.