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Pay attention to the options , options have changed

I always order the Same pins , when ordering this time I selected the 1st option with out hesitation, and received the single sided printing , they are flat and uncoated and not what I usually get 😞. Next time I’ll make sure to select front side epoxy

Photo Shoot Service
Stephanie A.
Great quality photos

Great quality photos comes with allot of different angles , I don’t recommend if you need your items within a certain time frame , they will wait till photos are done to ship

Beautiful pins!

The colour options are so pretty for these pins! I got red and green. The red is very vibrant and really pops while the green is super light and pale, which is exactly what I wanted!

Awesome value!

These bags are such a good value for the price and quality! Bags are large and spacious and perfect for conventions!

My boi!

Look at him he printed so nicely!!! The cut it perfect, no defects in the batch! Solid color acrylic prints kind of matte so if you want it shiny you need epoxy .

First time buyer

This was my first time buying anything from Vograce, but as my small business is expanding, we needed to look into more products. The process of uploading and labelling the designs was SUPER easy as long as you follow the instructions on the product page. I received the proofs very fast and approving them was quick and easy. The most challenging part was the shipping, as they shipped about a week and a half after estimated, and sat in one spot for over a week (but that isn't necessarily Vograce's fault, maybe just the U.S.P.S.). The charms all arrived wrapped in bubble wrap over individual bags and looked AMAZING! We did double sided with holo stars and they are so pretty! We actually ended up with 5 extra charms for some reason too, so, bonus! I will definitely be recommending this to others and using again in the future.

Thick boy!

A different company I used had very thin and flimsy charms. Vograce's charms are much more sturdy and the print it much better too. I love how mine turned out!! The negative space is the part that glows!

Well done!

All of mine turned out so nice! I had a mix of solid color and translucent. All of them printed 🥰 the solid color dosent have a sealing acrylic so if you want,get an epoxy coat. I wanted the matte look so no epoxy for me.

I love them 😭

My little charms turned out so cute! The print quality is amazing, the quality of the pieces are really good, and the tiny pieces are so clean! The epoxy is also really nice to have, depending on your artwork. My Gris one has epoxy

Very clean

Even though they were tiny, they were very durable and clean looking.

Love it!

Ive ordered 3 different candy charms from them and I love how they turned out! The little glitter options have a tendency to stick to the acrylic pieces and the outer bag but besides that I love the sound it makes!

Great quality

Absolutely in love with the keychains I received! The quality is great and the designs look amazing on them! Finally have my ocs close to me!

You won't beat this price

Seriously- this is the most affordable company for the same quality as other top manufacturers for convention merch. Quick and reliable delivery. Great communication. Easy to use website. I use Vograce for my stickers now and I'm saving 4x what I used to spend on small 2in stickers. Absolute game changer! YouTube video placeholder
🌊 High quality photos! 🌊

🩵 I love them so much, and have already ordered new products for my shop (@monstrrteeth) that includes this feature! 🩵

🪼 Cupid keychains! 🪼

🩵🩵 Love love LOVE how these came out, I ordered them as matching and sell them both as a pair in my shop ( @monstrrteeth ! ) they’re my best seller and I’m so glad I chose Vograce for this! 🩵🩵

🩵Adore these keychains!🩵

🪼I absolutely am in love with the quality and careful packaging that went into my Lo’ak keychains, thank you so much!🩵 🪼
I’m @monstrrteeth on all social platforms! <33


🩵🩵Absolutely adored my stickers, even more so the durability and insane quality! The colors came in great, and the shipping was smooth! Thank you so much Vograce~~🩵🩵

Really great quality !

The quality is really good! I didn't find any problem on the keychains, the colors are accurate. I had an issue but the service was really fast to respond, and they were really kind to help me. I will buy more products from Vograce! I can't wait to sell them !!


2' charms of Jujutsu Kaisen so perfect!!!

Great quality. Extremely satisfied.

The colors look so good on the lanyard... They are so rich and the lanyard itself is a great quality. I know because upon my opening it, I was excited and accidentally snagged part of it on one of my pins that I was putting on it... I thought for sure I'd ruined it, but it immediately stretched back to its taut, normal self! Despite me nearly tearing it, the threads didn't even come undone! Looks wonderful.

Goofy and silly. I love him.

First time trying full bleed of Vograce. Very happy with it. This charm is a delight. Spruces up my keys in the greatest way possible.

Was also worried about flipping the text on the backside because the tutorial for the borderless charms said that color crossing would occur, but I think it looks fine.


Had some issues with my order as it didn't go through the site properly, but the link to fix any confusions was easy to follow and correct!

Perfect as always

Originally wanted a certain size, but it was out of stock, so I settled for a smaller one. I was worried the pictures wouldn't show up well, but they did! So I'm happy with them and honestly think I like the size I bought better than the one I had in mind initially.

Very Cute and Unique

Really like these keyrings and they make a very unique piece, ordering more soon

Full of color !

Got the front epoxy ones and I'm so happy with the results ! I was able to pick a different clasp for each design i submitted in the same order, which was great ! They all came out perfect, the print is really good and my lines (which can be pretty fine) all appear in the print, there is no bleeding. It's actually the 2nd time I order them ^^ !! 10/10