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This was my very first time ordering here and really loved the print quality <3

Epoxy Keychains are amazing

I just placed my second order with Vograce and this time I went for the epoxy keychains. Wow, I am beyond thrilled with how they turned out! These keychains are stunning and have quickly become my all-time favorite. I can't wait to order more in the future!

Fantastic overall experience

These shakers came out perfectly!! I was a little unsure how to translate my design to a double sided keychain and Vograce was so helpful and patient with all of my questions (thank you Yanni!!) The printed design is great quality and the pieces inside the shaker work great and are so fun to move around. Quick turnaround, wonderful team and great quality keychain!!

suprisingly strong!!!

so i accidentally order these in two inches instead of one inch and i didnt even notice it on the proof but i still love em! definitely gonna reorder these in bulk small pins when i get paid! the synthetic wood is also surprisingly strong, my bf doubted its durability and then had trouble trying to break one lol!

Amazing and pretty holo stickers!

im very happy with all the stickers ive gotten! colors are super close (i think i used the wrong color grade thing so thats my bad lol) definitely gonna keep using vograce for my custom stickers!

Absolutely Ecstatic !!!

I was always curious about the production quality of these acrylic charms, and I am thrilled with the results! The customer service was extremely helpful, with Frank providing excellent guidance and answering all my questions. The only drawback is the lengthy production time, but that might just be my impatience speaking! Overall, I can't wait to order more for my store!


These stickers are amazing! My customers love them and I’ll definitely be ordering more!


I'm never disapppointed by the keychains they look exceptional, I havent order from Vograce for a while, and yet Im always happy with the result good job, keep doing the hard work

Smooth Spinning All the Way

When I saw this offering, I knew my fandom was the perfect fit for a spinning mechanic and these did not disappoint!
The charms spin beautifully, so smooth! The team at Vograce really helped a lot with the proofs and caught a design flaw I had to fix that I had miscalculated.

One thing to keep in mind is the less balanced the spinner design is the less revolutions it will take, but it also gives it a bit of personality.
With the right design these are great and my customers snapped them up right away I've ordered more! Highly recommend!

Love the output!

the printing quality turned out to be really good! i really love how it turned out physically. will order again if more people are interested!

Honestly, I did this design as an honor to my grandma, & you guys delivered, I absolutely love how it turned out & my grandma cried when she saw it

Golden boy

I literally love this so much! He matches with my shelf collection :3

Matches well!

I made my art a little glowly already so this added to it wonderfully!!!

Custom Shaker Keychain
Pjm keychains

Absolutely delightful to work with! I made a mistake on my order and my questions were answered in a good time frame! I got mine both 4in, 6 piece no additional techs and only one having a different color on the back. Turned out crazy cool! I quite believe I actually have them!

My mortal Kombat keychain!

Got this silly for myself and the quality is amazing, the holographic is really good and quite reflective and it's all I imagined!

Amazing Quality, Amazing Effects!

It's the second time I'm ordering stickers from Vograce, this time I went for some bigger ones.
I was scared the holo-effects could overshadow the actual print, but they're a subtle and pretty addition to it!
Especially the holo broken glass is amazing, and the bigger the sticker, the better it looks!

Great product!

I've been ordering keychains from Vograce for a couple of years and they have never disappointed me. Great products, lovely customer service and incredibly fast shipping. For this specific keychain I paid an additional fee to get the linked keychain done with rainbow acrylic, so for anyone curious - that is definitely an option you can ask for, and it looks wonderful! (:

Turned out great!

Love the keychains! They turned out so cute! I will have to make some changes to the layout next time though if I order more, other than that- I absolutely adore them!


ive ordered these three or four times now, and theyve always just been so delightful and well made. the process took me a bit to figure out but now that ive got the hang of it, im excited to get more... the minimum order quantity being so low is a big plus for me too! excited to order more in the future ^_^

Wonderful as usual!!

I love ordering my keychains & other merchandise from Vograce. My keychains turned out wonderful & the team is a delight to work with :^) Thank you Vograce!

Cute pins, very vibrant

The pins came out so vibrant, wow! They're reeeeaaaally nice, will definitely order again.
Also, thank you to Yanni for correcting the bleeding line when I forgot to specify that I wanted the thicker bleeding line of 2mm instead of 1mm for my pins. :)

Great pins and great support

I love the pins here and I'm always excited for everything to arrive once I placed an order.
Huge shout-out to Yanni who did an excellent job answering my questions and correcting the cutting lines as well as Reese who kept me up to date on the status of my order (I needed it to arrive before my next sales convention - which worked out nicely). :)

Awesome packaging!

I loved the quality of the header cards version of this! The cardboard was nice, stiff, and printed beautifully! The team was great with communicating an error on my end, and was so pleasant to work with! Onky high praises for this from me :)

Great Quality

I absolutely love how they came out, and the colours stayed pretty much true to the digital versions -I will definitely be ordering some more again!


i ordered 3 of these because i wasn't really sure if it could turn good, but it did great! i choose the right size and people love it, so i think i'm gonna order more <3
peeling and assembling was super easy!!!