How to Set Designs Layers (eg: Shaker Charms)

Shaker charms are interesting items and popular at Vograce, you can gain a lot of interest through making and play with them! Shaker Keychain is so called because of the inside fillers can shaker. Customers can choose various sequins and little acrylic fillers. The shaker keychain is designed by you and fast customized for you.

Here are the instructions for the layer show and hope to help you with the design and understand them better!


Shaker Keychains have 3 layers which can be designed as you can see in the following picture. There are 3 "Artwork" layers.

You can decide what designs to put into the 3 layers, including semitransparent and solid colors' design.

1Photoshop files:

Just name the layer by  "Layer1"/ "Layer2" /"Layer3"/"little pieces" in Photoshop and other similar files with layers.

2If you choose to upload pictures like PNG, every layer's design should be uploaded, and the translucent parts too.

You can refer to this pictures.


Openable charms and sandoil charms are the same~!



If you have questions, welcome to consult us by email or social media:

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Shaker charms are very interesting. Hope you have more fun!




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