Where can I get help?

Hi friend, thank you for trusting us. If there are some problems, we will try our best to help. Let's see how we can solve it together.

1 Find your salesman and tell him the problem.

If you have already a fixed salesman, you can directly contact her/him, she or he will help you as soon as possible.

If you haven't got response, you can send the email again the next day. Maybe it's drown in the emails or be judged as the spam wrongly. Thank you so much for your patience! 

Here is the email for you to contact: service@vograce.com


2 Any other methods?

If the salesman can't solve the problem, you can contact us at FacebookTwitter.

We will help you to deal with it again and maybe find other solutions for you.


3 Problems Solution Examples

If there is the problem for the products, we will firstly investigate where goes wrong. If it is our problem, we will give you some choices for help.

If there is a problem with a large number of products, we will reproduce for you. We really hope to provide you with perfect products, but there will be some mistakes, thank you for your tolerance and understanding.

If there is the color difference with the products, we will give you a solution too.

For color difference, there is some situation that printing exists: Acrylic products are machine printed, affected by ink concentration, indoor humidity, different display screen and other factors, there will be certain difference between the actual objects and the color displayed on the computer. This is a common problem in the printing industry. We have upgraded our machine, and we will try our best to reduce the color difference. Thank you for understanding.

We hope to grow up with you, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to correct.

We are trying to provide better products and service. Thank you for your company and understanding.