Standee Size and File Introduction

Hi, everyone, today we are talking about Vograce standees, imagine how cool it will be to see your designs stand on the desk!  Amazing, isn't it?

Acrylic standees are clear, colorful, cheap, durable and easy to shape. MOQ: 1 piece. The shape, size and design are customizable. Acrylic standees can be decorations, anime toys and gifts. The color and image don’t fall off.  

Now Vograce has many kinds of standees:

1 Custom Clear Acrylic Standees

2 Custom Full Page Acrylic Stand

3  Custom Wood Standees

Custom Holographic Acrylic Standees


You can enter the size you want and upload the pictures on the site, then you will get the price after filling in the address.


Here are some questions:

What is the difference between these two kinds of products?

1 Custom Clear Acrylic Standees is an independent stand, enter the size to get a stand of the corresponding size.
2 If you order an Custom Full Page Acrylic Stand you will receive a whole page of acrylic board with the character and base inside.

Input the size of the box, you can customize the background on the edge of the full version of the card.


What size stand should I buy?
You can find a reference object, such as a cup, and roughly measure/estimate his height, you can easily get a reference.

I know what size to make, is the bleed included?
Include, because the margin is included, the actual receipt will be smaller than you want, and there will be transparent edges on both sides.( 2 mm bleeding each side.)

I know how high to make, but how much width to make?
Method 1: Compare with your fingers, roughly calculate the size + 2mm bleeding
Method 2: Measure +2mm bleeding on the software (PS, etc.)

Can it be done without bleeding?
Yes, name the document with "no bleeding" or note "no bleeding" in the order.

How big should the design canvas be
It will be all right. 

How to provide documents?
PNG format: Provide two pictures of background and characters
PSD format: Divide the background and characters into two layers.


Welcome to leave your questions below, we will contact you privately!

Welcome to order and create more amazing designs!

1 Custom Clear Acrylic Standees

2 Custom Full Page Acrylic Stand

3  Custom Wood Standees

Custom Holographic Acrylic Standees


Welcome to contact us in the site or email us for questions or find us in social media:

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Discord: Vograce Chat 
TikTok: @vogracecharms


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