How much are Custom Pins?

Hi, friends, today we are introducing the metal price including pins and the metal keychains. If you are interested in our pins, just look down.

Vograce Pins

Vograce custom metal pins are durable, odorless and cost-effective. metal pins or badges are mainly made by printing, corrosion, stamping, die-casting, glue and other processes in professional plant.  Surface color processes such as baking varnish, enamel, and printing can be used to make the product more rich.

Metal products can be made into badges, commemorative coins, keychains, car logo medals, double-sided coins, keychains, refrigerator stickers, bottle openers, large badges, medal, bag hanger, bookmark, cuff, tie clip, dog tag, ornament, belt buckle, golf tools and other products.

My dear friend, the following information needs to be given to the salesman including the Material, Size, Quantity, Process, Thickness, Plating Options, Special Craft, colors.


Recommended size: 1-2.5 inches. The default thickness is 2 cm.


Mold Fee 

Pins need the mold fee about 90-150 dollars which depend on your design. So it will be good to send your design to salesman: or find us  at FacebookTwitter. our salesman will give you the Specific price according to your designs.

The mold will be retained for two years. That’s to say, next time you order the same badge, you don't need to pay for the mold.

The general total price of 50 badges is about $200-450 including freight, mold costs, mainly according to the type of color and the complexity of the design.

Prices for different process are different, if the price is over your budget, you can start from the cheaper one. While the hard enamel is the best choice, which is the highest grade with bright color.


We have all kinds of different process, each has different effect, you can choose from them freely.

Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pin is high-grade and beautiful with smooth surface and bright and pure color. The workmanship is very exquisite. The price is a little higher, the size is generally suitable for 2.5-5 cm. You can also apply screen printing to hard enamel pins. If you want to make some fantastic badges, it's the first choice.

Soft Enamel Pins

Beautiful and colorful. But you can't make gradients. The convex part can not be painted, only the concave part can be painted. It needs to be properly preserved, otherwise the paint may fade.

Die Casting Process

Die casting process is suitable for making hollow, multi-level badges. It has the strongest three-dimensional sense and can carve very small lines. Generally, there are many medals, badges and commemorative medals. The price is higher; the duration is the longer.

Stamping Process

The stamping process has strong concave convex feeling and high quality texture. The badge made by stamping process is wear-resistant, non-deformable and three-dimensional. It can be used for various badges, badges, Keychains and commemorative coins. Only solid color and monochrome.

Printing Epoxy Process

Printing Epoxy Process can be used as gradation and multicolor badges. The price is low, and the price is high. The general badge thickness is 1.5-2 mm (including dropping glue), and it can be thickened.

 Design Notice

1 Please draw a color diagram.

2 If you know the Pantone standard color, please note the Pantone color number and mark the required process under the color.

3 The line is about 0.3 mm thick. The edge line of enamel design should be 0.2 mm, and the width for coloring area should be wider than 0.3 mm.

4 We will send you the proof for confirming. Proof needs to be checked carefully.

The finished product will be produced according to the proof sent before.

5 Logo and patterns can be printed on the back of the badge.

6 The soft enamel pins can add the epoxy effect. It will make the background semi transparent.

7 Gradient, highlight, shadow effect are not allowed now.

8 Hard enamel design notice: the colors of different areas need to be separated by a closed line.

If you still have questions, welcome to leave your questions below, or send us by You can also find us  at FacebookTwitter



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