How to prepare for the gradient/ colorful charms?

Hi friends, many friends ask us how to prepare for the gradient/ colorful charms? Just look down!

Gradient charms are our new process. You can set the colors for the whole charms. The color will be on the front.

Here is some contrast for colorful charms and the glitter charms.

The glitter epoxy charms are blue or purple for the whole charms. 

Design Notice:

1 You can just put a separate gradient layer on the design.

Or just put 'semi transparent' in the file name as well as left a note in the order just in case.

2 For light color, it may be very close to transparent  like the picture below.

3 To avoid this problem, you can make the background a little stronger. Another way to solve the problem is a test charm, so you can see the effect and make some adjustments for your design.

It’s just like setting up the background for your charms, but now you can set it as the semi-transparent. Is it very cool?

What’s more, you can set the colorful background for nearly any kind of charms, just as the epoxy charms, holographic charms, golden edge charms and the clear charms of course!

Try now and your design can have very wonderful light around the character or the dark fog!

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By the way, if you draw in RGB model, it should be changed to CMYK when printed. If you have no idea how to convert without losing color, you can browse this blog:

How to convert my design from RGB to CMYK?


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