How to get Design Inspiritation

Hi, my dear friends, if you have in a dilemma that you don’t know what to draw or how to design?

If you are, just read this passage, and maybe it will help you out to some extent!

Here are some tips for you to jump out of the design dilemma!

1 Find sparks from the artwork websites like the Zcool and Dribbble and so on.

You can see other areas great work among these, and it will not be difficult to get surprising spirits! Building design, photograph, pure art, they will bring you amazing enjoy and ideas!


2 Pictures Collection Websites

Searching the materials can be applied according to the themes and keywords. Pictures can be collected in a huge amount.

3 Searching Tools like Google

It will provide you with all relative keywords of your word. Some unpopular results can give you unexpected ideas.

There is a notice that you don’t have to look into too many websites, 3-4 will be enough. Otherwise, you may feel sleepy or waste your time and energy.

So we advise you to choose some famous websites with many users. It means many people completed their purpose of seeking inspiration and creativity here. Such websites often do better in providing users with accurate search results. At the same time, you can have your own style websites on your appetite. All in all, we had better choose more refined than more.

4 Social media information

Some interesting news, unpopular knowledge, hot social topics will make your artwork funny or meaningful.

Social media often tell you what are people focusing on. Your keyword will help you find some unique angles. Designs for food may not only about the taste, Twitter may tell you about the food safety, the food technology or food culture. They all can be your design!

5 Communicate with your friends and relatives

Besides the communication on the internet, we strongly recommend you to chat with your family and friends. It will give a lot about creatives. You know thinking alone often leaves nothing. Questionnaire investigations will be good choice. You can design a question, such as "list 5 nouns, verbs and adjectives about food", and then collect the answers. The high or unexpected answers deserve your attention.

Communication freely will give your great inspiration. A topic can be given and people all  discuss it easily and freely. You can even chat from the most expensively  Michelin three-star restaurants to the dirtiest black processing workshop. Pay attention to the opinions, jokes, praise and abuse in every conversation. These are valuable topics and materials waiting for you to process.

6 Keep reading

Finally, a long-term and imperceptible way to expand the creative library is to read more. If you read the famous stories or artwork, it must include some stories. Every design has a story for itself. Therefore, if you want to create works with depth, we must have a certain amount of writing reserves.

Find a spirit for your artwork, and express your work story. It will decide its value.

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We are just wait for you my friend.


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