Simple 6 steps: How to Create Comic Books

Everyone likes good comic books. Have you ever thought about making your work a comic book? There are some step-by-step instructions to create your first comic book. Follow these instructions and you will create great comic books at any time! Here are 6 simple steps to create a comic strip.

6 steps for how to create comic books

Step 1: write down your ideas for your comics

Step 2: Draw three frames

Step 3: Draw with basic shape

Step 4: Add speeches and words

Step 5: Add details to the cartoon

step 6: Go over your cartoon with a pen

How to create comic books

Since this is your first comic book, we will focus on creating a three frame comic book. But when you become a short comic master, you can make you make it much longer and fill with more characters.

Step 1: write down your ideas for your comics

Comic books are similar with short stories. It still needs a start, middle and end. Because it's a three frame comic book, you have to split your story into three parts. Write down your thoughts about characters, scenes, expressions, and even speeches. Make sure that each part has some action and that you end up with a great punchline.

Step 2: Draw basic frames

On a new plain paper, draw your several photo frame rulers with pencils and pencils. Make sure that each frame is the same size. You can even make small marks on paper to mark the direction of the voice bubble. As an additional tip, you may want to double your frame to what you want so you don't run out of space.

Step 3: Use the basic shape to draw

One of the most difficult parts of making a comic book is to draw your character. We recommend that you use basic shapes to draw characters. Because this is your first comic book, you may even want to use the stick figures to make it simple. In addition, the sound bubble and any sound effect in the starbursts. Oh, don't forget, please use a pencil at this stage, so you can erase any mistakes.

Step 4: Add speech and text

Now add the letters of your speech to your speech bubble, and don't forget to check your spelling carefully. Remember that your font size can show whether a character is shouting or whispering. For example, capital letters indicate that your character is shouting.

Step 5: Add details to your cartoon

Now go back to your character and add any extra details such as facial expressions, motion lines, shadows on the floor. And draw the background for each frame.

Step 6: Go over your cartoon with a pen

Now, you can finally use a felt-tip pen to go over pencil lines. Your first comic book is now complete - well done! You can keep it as it is, and you can even add some colors.

What do you think of it? Maybe you can do something like this on your electronics, like a computer or iPad. We hope to see your great works!


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