Golden Edge/ Silver Edge- How can I Choose?

The acrylic has incomparable high gloss brightness, good toughness It is not easy to be damaged. Besides, the texture is soft, and there is no cold biting feeling in winter. Acrylic‘s bright colors can satisfy different tastes of individuality, and the style is exquisite, durable and environmental friendly.

The transparent acrylic we use is through the professional UV printing process, which directly prints the special ink onto the high permeability PET film, and then pastes it on the acrylic plate. 

Our golden edge products are beautiful, with 3D effect, scratch resistance and water resistance, and the hanging chain can be of your choice.

Custom Silver&Golden edge acrylic keychain

Technological process:

UV printing

Carved contour

Covered with UV glue plate

Carved cutting

Fit the accessories

Appearance features:

The edge of the image has 1.5mm gold edge, and the middle part is acrylic.


3/ 3.5 Inch is the most ordered size.

There may be a little white glue on the edge, and slight bubbles in the golden edge.

Custom Clear Acrylic Standees

Acrylic standees are clear, colorful, cheap, durable and easy to shape. The shape, size and design are customizable. Acrylic standees can be decorations, anime toys and gifts. The color and image don’t fall off.  

Structure Composition:

Standees and Base


The thickness is about 3.6mm, and the maximum dimension is 175 * 275mm

The main process is as follows:

  1. UV printing
  2. Cover with UV board
  3. Fine carving and cutting


Paper card packing should be 50 pieces

Place order process:

①Select item with (material, process, size, accessories, quantity, etc.) + upload file

②Add to shopping cart

③Fill your receiving address

④Select express

⑤PayTips :

①Different products, processes or accessories need to upload artwork separately and add shopping cart for unified settlement; for the same process and accessories, only need to upload the files and add the shopping cart for settlement (you can check the question 3 for help)

②If there have problem with the file you upload, we will contact you to modify it

③The default hole location is directly above the design. If the hole location needs to be placed in other positions, please leave a message or mark in the design. If there are hole position requirements or more than 10 orders, we will confirm the outline with you through the email. The others will be arranged to do the goods directly. If you have any problems with the products, you can contact us and we will ensure that they can be solved  

With the core "personalized customization", Vograce is a professional Animation peripheral customized enterprise integrating, design, development, production and sales. The products sell well at home and abroad.



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