Colorful Holographic World-charms, stickers, pins, bags

Hi, friends, today we’d love to introduce our shiny products to you.

Vograce have many holographic products including: Hologram Acrylic Keychain, Rainbow Acrylic Keychain, Colorful Acrylic Charms, Vinyl Stickers with Holographic Film, and Holographic Stickers, Holographic Button Pins, Custom Holographic Tote Bag, Holographic Itabag.

Just fly in the beautiful world!


Hologram Acrylic Keychain


Vograce custom holographic acrylic keychains are made of acrylic materials and holographic films. Customers provide patterns or designs, our professional team will make the production, assemble and package. The custom holographic keychains are delicate, glittering, durable, odorless and waterproof.

Product name

Hologram  Acrylic Keychain




CMYK Printing


Opp Bag

The lead time

2-7 days after confirm the outline

The shipping time

2-7days excluding weekends

You can choose double-sided or single-sided printing. As for the beautiful film, you can choose broken glass film or star film. With the change of angle, the laser effect is shining, beautiful, perfect to show your design.


The Holographic film is sandwiched in the middle and will not be worn off.




Custom Rainbow Acrylic Charms


Rainbow acrylic charms is Vograce’s new products, it is very beautiful and when you see it from different angle, will see different color. 

Product name

Rainbow Acrylic Keychain




CMYK Printing


Opp Bag

The lead time

5-7 days after confirm the outline

The shipping time

2-7days excluding weekends

What keychain accessories do Vograce supply?

When you choose a type of keychain products, if you don’t want holes, please leave us a note. Learn more about how to make an order from Vograce. There are more than 30 kinds of accessories in total at Vograce to choose from. Different products have limited accessory choices. Please see details at the product page that you want to purchase.

It is also okay if you sends the accessories to us for installation. Some additional manual fees will be charged according to the complexity of the installation.

Accessories are constantly updated. Please check the latest Vograce webpage description content.


Custom Vinyl Holographic Stickers

Product name

Vinyl Holographic Stickers


50PCS,can be different designs



Can be customized

Size, design




Vinyl stickers you can choose from three kinds films:broken glasses, heart, star.


And holographic stickers have a laser effect themselves. Holographic stickers,glitter stickers,and prismatic stickers are shining in different ways.

And our Glue is environmental protection.

Size range: maximum size: 300 * 450mm, unlimited minimum size

Printing process: No-transparent, Semi-transparent.



Note: all stickers are basically covered with film, but some can not be seen. It's protective.

The edge of the pattern should be 2-2.5mm away.

If you make a full page sticker, you should keep 10 mm between the drawings.


Custom Holographic Button Pins


Product name Round Holographic Button Pins 


Size 44mm,58mm,75mm

lamination film:

Hologram(Star,Heart,Broken glasses), Silver sky, Golden sky, Silver star, Golden broken glass

Backplate: Tinplate Bottom+Pin

Can be customized :Lamination Film,design,size



 Image requirements: over 300 resolution, PNG, EPS, tiff and other formats are OK (with transparency format, like JPG is not OK).


Custom Holographic Tote Bag

Custom Holographic Tote Bag

Holographic tote bag is waterproof and shiny, when you see it from different angle, you will see different colors. MOQ: 5 pieces, can be different designs. Double-side same or different printing is available. The more you order, the more discount you get.

MOQ: 5PCS,can be different designs

Can be customized: The design on the front and back

Material: colorful PVC,

Thickness: about 0.4mm

Size: 34 * 30 * 10cm

Colors: white, silver and blue

Printing mode: single side printing / double side printing is optional

Packing method: transparent frosted zipper bag

Waterproof, lightweight and environmental friendly




Holographic Itabag

This itabag is the perfect gift option for family, friends, and loved ones. Gift the special fan in your life something they will cherish for a long time. A great option for anime lovers, pins collectors, and cosplayer.

What packages do Vograce provide?

The default is opp bag individual package. It is okay if the customer sends the packages to us for packing. Some additional manual fees will be charged according to the complexity of the packing. Customized package is available at Vograce.

Vograce Introduction

Vograce is a professional anime peripheral product manufacturer and supplier. IP products, personal artworks and patterns can be customized. A diversity of products provided. Your design copyright and privacy are protected at Vograce. Welcome to purchase keychain, stickers, pins, badges, standees and other products custom-made from Vograce.



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