Vograce Customized Stickers——Amazing Choice to Make Your Design Alive

 Hi, my dear friends, we are so excited to introduce our stickers products to you.

We Vograce supplies custom stickers that can be made in any shape and pattern with good adhesion, fast delivery and favorable price. We make customized stickers at your will to achieve your dream.


Our custom stickers include Vinyl stickers, Washi stickers, vinyl-holo stickers, holographic stickers, glitter stickers, clear stickers, etc. Stickers are mainly used for decoration, such as: cartoon stickers, element stickers, journal stickers, souvenirs, animation peripherals, car stickers...


Vinyl stickers

The classic sticker and our best-selling material.  A wide range of uses from branding and packaging to repairing a ding on your surfboard. It’s environmentally friendly.

You can also choose to add star / heart-shaped / broken glass film. Holographic vinyl has an eye-catching rainbow effect which changes with light and perspective.
Product name: Vinyl Stickers
MOQ: 50PCS,can be different designs
Material: Vinyl
Can be customized Size, design
Feature: Waterproof Eco-friendly


    Clear Sticker  

    Custom sticker sheets let you fit multiple sticker designs on one sheet. Customize the entire page and place stickers anywhere you like. Thick and durable vinyl protects your sticker sheets from scratching, rain & sunlight.


    Holographic stickers

    Use holographic effects to enhance existing designs. Upload your plain-color logo, drawing or photo, and we'll create a custom holographic sticker that's cut to your specifications. Work with us directly to ensure your stickers look totally awesome. Durable holographic vinyl gives your stickers a unique rainbow sheen.

    Glitter stickers

    Our glitter stickers shine and sparkle with a holographic glittering effect. These glitter stickers will bring all the bling to your design. The glitter effect is especially good for cosmetic and accessory stickers. Print white and choose which colors you want to take the glitter appearance or to have white printed behind parts of your design to keep them opaque.

    Prismatic stickers

    A holographic mosaic of small squares that changes appearance in different angles of light. Laminated with a film to protect your stickers from the sun and rain and has a permanent adhesive for long-lasting applications. Full color printing including white, and the ability to select opaque colors makes this material fully customizable.

    Mirror stickers

    A silver, mirror polished sticker material finished with a UV protective laminate to have your custom stickers last outdoors. Print white and choose which colors you want metallic or to have white printed behind parts of your design to keep them opaque.

    Static clings

    Custom static clings are designed to firmly hold to any glass surface without using adhesive. Each static cling can be printed in full color and cut to fit the shape and size of your design.

    Kraft paper stickers

    Our craft paper stickers give your custom stickers a unique look. Commonly used for jars, candles, or gourmet food labels and packaging giving your products a homemade feel.

    Frosted Film stickers

    Our soft touch matte laminate gives your custom stickers a smooth and soft finish. Similar to the feel of a rose petal, this matte laminate gives your stickers a unique look and expensive feel. The satin soft touch surface gives an anti-glare finish with still preserving the vibrancy of saturated colors and rich blacks.

    Brushed stickers

    Color: Silver/ Gold

    A brushed metal sticker material to give your custom stickers a shiny, metallic effect. Laminated for outdoor use to last in the sun or rain. Print white on this silver brushed aluminum or turn your yellows into gold for a gold foil look. Choose which colors you want metallic or to have white printed behind parts of your design to keep colors opaque.

    Premium metalized PET film with a permanent adhesive.

    Washi Stickers

    Advantages: Eco-friendly, clear color, not easy to fade, good adhesion, durable




    Washi Tape

    Vograce Washi Tape is eco-friendly, durable, with clear color and good adhesion. 


    Printing: Single or sheet

    You can choose to print your creative sticker in die-cut or kiss-cut.



    You can choose to print your stickers to no-transparent or semi-transparent.

    Furthermore, you can purchase charms, keychains, standees, badges and more from Vograce. All can be custom-made including images, sizes, colors, shapes, accessories and package. Vograce has a factory with professional equipments and about 200 employees. High quality and fast delivery are ensured.

    Process introduction

    We use environmentally friendly glue for printing: water-based glue, and there are a variety of process options, you can give full play to your imagination, we will achieve it for you!

    We are glad to wait for making your amazing design to stickers.

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