Stickers for Different Surface and Usages

Hi here are some functions stickers for different using scenes.

Computers, mobile phones, electrical appliances, Metalware:

For the electrical appliances like computers, mobile phones, and other Metalware, we will recommend you to try Mirror Stickers, Brushed Stickers. The light of brushed and the mirror effect are with the sense of technology and will add the charm of the electronic devices!

We also recommend you to have some Holographic Stickers, Clear Stickers, Vinyl (Holographic) Stickers. They are very cool for your devices.

You can try every sticker, but the static clings can only be attached on the surface with the static as you know.

For Stationery and paper:

You can have some Custom Washi Stickers for your hand accounts if you are a fan of it! Clear Stickers will be great for the pencil cases and Vinyl (Holographic) Stickers will be best for every stuff you can image!

You can try every sticker except the static clings.

Windows and other stuff with glass surface:

Static Clings Stickers will be the best~They can attach to the glass surface nicely. You can take it off and use it for many times. The Prismatic Stickers, Clear Stickers, and Vinyl (Holographic) Stickers. You can try whatever you want! Don’t forget the transfer sticker, you can see the pattern outside the window.


Motor vehicle or bikes:

Brushed Silver Stickers will be perfectly fit for the motor vehicles. A brushed metal sticker material will give your custom stickers a shiny, metallic effect.

Mirror Stickers will also be very amazing for your motorbikes.

You can also make some vinyl Bumper stickers. Make your own bumper stickers with removable adhesive, ideal for cars and trucks. Thick, durable vinyl protects your bumper sticker from scratches, water & sunlight. Holographic Stickers, Clear Stickers will also be nice for all kinds of parts.

Static Clings Stickers will be ok for the plastic and glass surface.

And the tires will not be fit for stickers.

Advertisement and trademark:

If you need a very normal sticker for your trademark, we will suggest you to use the Vinyl Stickers and Holographic Stickers. They will be very suitable and give your trademark a professional sense.

Mirror Stickers or Washi Stickers can also be chosen. Washi Stickers can give your products a homemade feel. Print white on this mirror stickers will turn your yellows into gold for a gold foil look.

Porcelain cup and bowl, ceramic tile:

Static Clings Stickers will be good as you can take it off without any leftover glue.

Clear Stickers attaching on the cup will be brilliant too and it will be like just print on it.

Vinyl (Holographic) Stickers and Mirror Stickers can be nice and you can appreciate their beautiful light when using.

On plastic surface, the Mirror Stickers, Prismatic Stickers, Glitter Stickers, Clear Stickers, Vinyl Stickers, Static Clings Stickers will all be great.

There is no limit for it.

For Wood products and furniture

Clear Stickers will be good and Vinyl Stickers and other stickers wil be all fit.

While the washi stickers will fit the wood color which is very good.


For Packing

You can use Clear Stickers and Vinyl Stickers. All kinds of stickers can be applied except for the static clings. Washi stickers and kraft stickers are in brown recycled paper and can give your custom stickers a unique look.

Everything will be ok especially the Vinyl (Holographic) Stickers!

Holographic vinyl has an eye-catching rainbow effect which changes with light and perspective.

Kiss cut stickers will be good for you to make all kinds of single stickers

Sticker sheets can give you a theme for a series of pattern, like an anime or a designer.



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