Memo pads Make Instruction

Hello everyone, today we will talk about how to make memo notes/sticky notes. Memo pads are very convenient and cute little things. The unit price is not expensive. They are very popular among people. Cute memo pads can be carried with you anytime! Let's talk about how to customize memo pads.

If you want to customize the basic shape, you can directly find your favorite style in our existing shapes. Then find the corresponding template, carry out your design, and then upload the design draft to the website for settlement.
If you have a shape you want to customize, leave 2 mm of bleeding, then make your own design. Upload the design, and select the memo notes for fixed shapes.

Here is some basic information you will need:
Fixing styles:
Material: 80G double adhesive paper
Process: 4-color printing + removable glue
Specifications: 50 sheets/each memo pads
Heart shape: (three styles): 7*7CM, 8.5*8.5CM, 9.5*9.5CM
Square shape (three styles): 7*7CM, 8.5*8.5CM, 10*10CM
Apple shape: 7*7.5CM
Bear shape: 7*7.5CM
Butterfly shape: 7*7CM
Printing process: Traditional Heidelberg 4-color printing. 

Custom style: You can customize the shape, size and pattern of the memo pads.

Special instructions for custom styles:
1. The maximum size of the custom style must be within the range of 10CM*10CM
2. The custom minimum order quantity is based on 50 copies as the transaction quantity. (Example: 50 copies, 100 copies, 150 copies...)

Gluing Area: Width 20 mm
Special Note: the default glue area is directly above the product.
If you need to glue to other areas, please note or communicate with the salesperson.


Q: Why are custom-shaped post-it notes so expensive?
A: Because the special-shaped post-it notes require a blade fee to customize the shape, if you buy more, the price will be relatively more cost-effective; if you think it is expensive, you can start with a fixed shape.

Q: How many sheets of paper are there in each book?
A: Each book has 50 sheets.

Q: Can I upload multiple designs for a total of 50 copies?
A: A total of 50 copies can only be one design.

Q: How much blood should be left if you design it yourself?
A: 2mm bleeding on one side


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