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Do you know what day is May 20th in China? Do you know what 520 means in Chinese? 🤔
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🌹Lollipop Charms and Candy Keychain 8% off


20th May. PST

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No.1 Custom Candy Keychain

Vograce custom candy keychains are made of PVC shells, small acrylic pieces, sequins and accessories.the inner pieces can be shaker. The colors, patterns, fillers and accessories are customized at your will. Custom candy keychains are good for collections, decoration, wholesale, retail etc.

Candy charms  are always so cute and you can check more friends’ finished products here in!

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It starts as 10pcs. That is MOQ:10pcs, 10 pcs/design. So I put it here, you can design your candy easily with the template:

Wish you have more fun designing it!


No.2 Custom Acrylic Lollipop Charms

These acrylic lollipop charms are super cute and fun to make! They would also make adorable keychains to add to your backpack for a kawaii touch. Tips for working with resin: Warming the uncured resin with a blowdryer can help reduce bubbles and make the resin cure properly. Also, glazing your charms after demolding adds lots of shine and prevents the paint from scratching off!

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