Lollipop Keychain Order Help

Would you like a lollipop? Customized acrylic lollipop keychain, color and style can be customized. You can choose from No Epoxy/single-sided/double-sided Epoxy. Colors of bow/ribbon can be selected as packaging. 

Vograce lollipop charm is a good choice for gift/customized goods. Super cute and sure to make fans/giveees scream!

About holographic

  1. The lollipop keychain can be made without holographic effect or with holographic effect

  2. Holographic lollipop keychains are available with 2 kinds of films: broken glass holographic or small star holographic

  3. If the holographic lollipop keychain needs to be Epoxy, the default is double-sided holographic(customers who need single-sided customer service need to note in the order)

About Epoxy

Vograce Lollipop Keychain can be made without Epoxy/ single-sided Epoxy/ double-sided Epoxy.

About the keychain accessories

At present, all metal chains can be hung with Vograce Lollipop Keychain.

About cable ties

There are two kinds of ties, namely ribbon and butterfly tie.

There are four kinds of ribbons, the width is 6 mm, and the ribbon is optional

Butterfly tie optional color as shown

Default bow tie accessory

Punching process

Default drilling point: the top of the keychain (not necessarily the center point)

If you need to specify the location, please contact the salesperson/order note punching location

Stick Drilling Point

Bottom center point of keychain


Drawing requirements

Default bleeding: 3.5mm bleeding 

The stick

The length of the stick is about 5.7cm

File requirements

Please Upload PSD/PNG/PDF/AI file. Please providing CMYK colour. Need 300 resolution, 1000 pixels or more. The best file to upload is PNG transparent background or PSD format.

Any other questions, please message me.