Summer products recommendation of Vograce

"I hope there will be surprises and heartbeats this summer, and someone will accompany you to blow the evening breeze."Summer is so beautiful, let us choose a unique gift for your partner or friend together.

Let's start your journey to custom gifts for friends or make more interesting goods.Wonderful ! it's fit green hands and advanced players.Come on and pick your favorites.

No.1 Custom Colorful Epoxy Acrylic Keychains

Absolutely, Epoxy acrylic keychains is the No.1 They are easy to draw with low price and low MOQ. Most keychains start only with 3pcs in Vograce. The dream land for small artists or beginners.This is the unboxing experience video sent by our customer:

Our Diamond version acrylic is newly upgrading technology, which is rare on the market. Smooth edge, high transparency, no cutting marks. The edge of our diamond version acrylic is very smooth, high transparency, no cutting marks. Our acrylic products have no plastic smell and are environmentally friendly.

You just choose the kind of Custom Colorful Epoxy Acrylic Keychains you love and upload your pictures. DONE! That’s so easy.

You can try different keychains with different effects at Vograce of course.


 No.2  Custom Mirror Background Acrylic Keychains

Hi everyone , the Custom Mirror Background Acrylic Keychains is our super hot-selling products. The good news is that :

Our Custom Mirror Keychain crowdfunding campagin is now open, your support will affect the final release of this product 🥺
🎀Don't hesitate to show your love to it 👇🤗

No.3 Custom Luminous Acrylic Keychains

They are still amazing 💕

Luminous Products families

The luminous products include keychains and ornaments. The keychain can be made of non-epoxy or glue, and you can also choose transparent single-sided glue or single-sided gold powder glue. The luminous family is very large!


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 No.4 Custom Acrylic Lollipop Charms

【Preview】Sorry for long waiting!

Just want to give you the best gifts in 2022!
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Check Custom Acrylic Lollipop Charms for more creative gifts options!
These acrylic lollipop charms are super cute and fun to make! They would also make adorable keychains to add to your backpack for a kawaii touch. Tips for working with resin: Warming the uncured resin with a blowdryer can help reduce bubbles and make the resin cure properly. Also, glazing your charms after demolding adds lots of shine and prevents the paint from scratching off!