Become Weekly Artist on Vograce!

Hi tell the world your crazy or great art, we open a new section, welcome to fill in with your great art ideas, we will display your information, ideas, and store on social media and website.


Welcome to pick 8 quesitons to answer and upload Submit 2-8 pictures to the following email address:, we will select one artist every week to promote you on social media and the website! 


Could we start now? Go!


Questions (freely choose 8 questions):

1 We would like to know more your art  – What inspired your artwork and how did it begin?


2 Favourite illustrator now?


3 Any tips for your art? Creating art/ Taking pictures/ Making merches/ sales and marketing/ delivery/ Etsy tips?


4 Biggest dream for now? What would you love to achieve?


5 If you had one superpower what would it be!?


6 If you could live the life of one fictional character, who would you be and why?


7 If you could have a lifetime supply of any Vograce Product, which one you choose? We’re just curious…


8 Biggest challenge you have faced so far as an illustrator?


9 What is the biggest curveball that has been thrown at you since starting your business, and how did you conquer it?


10 What is something you wish someone had told you before setting up your small business?


11 Have you got any amazing releases planned?


12 What is your favourite social media platform and why?


13 What style does your art belong to, and then what style do you think is more popular or popular in the market?


14 Through art, how much extra money do you have every month, you can give a certain range (Optional of course).


15 And finally where can we purchase your amazing work?



  • 2-5 photos of your amazing illustrations design;
  • Products photos you cooperate with Vograce 2-5 photos (such as keychain pictures);

Other optional photos:

  • The artist yourself photo
  • Anime Expo Photos
  • other products photos


We can’t wait to see your great pictures and your art as soon as possible!

Welcome to send us your passage to email: (answers+5-8 pictures), maybe you can see your art at next week!


Vograce help more artists start their business journey!


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