Products recommended for advanced players

Maybe you want to start your journey to custom gifts for friends, or just start to try art bussiness with doubts in mind. Perhaps you have some experience on making goods, and want to try more. Don’t worry, this article will help you to know more about goods fit green hands and advanced players.

Today we talk about the goods that fit with friends who own some experience and would like to make more interesting goods which may need certain MOQ.

 No.1 Custom Metal Pins

Always the  metal pins, I know many people would like to custom a metal pin but were afraid of the mold fee and the MOQ.

Yes metal pins need the mold fee for each design so it will start for mold fees for about $90-$150 which depends on your design. But the mold will be retained for two years.

So MOQ starts by 50pcs will be more worthwhile, for 1pcs metal pin’s price is nearly the same with 50pcs pins for one designs. Why not 50pcs right?

The general total price of 50 badges is about $200-450 including freight, mold costs, mainly according to the type of color and the complexity of the design.

Prices for different process are different, if the price is over your budget, you can start from the cheaper one. You can consult our salesman for recommendations too.

The good news is that you can get the price directly on the site:

With the number of artwork colors and the size you can easily get the price! You can also add glitter and back stamp if you like!

Check more about  pins here. 


No.2 Custom Candy Keychain

Vograce custom candy keychains are made of PVC shells, small acrylic pieces, sequins and accessories.the inner pieces can be shaker. The colors, patterns, fillers and accessories are customized at your will. Custom candy keychains  are good for collections, decoration, wholesale, retail etc.

Candy charms  are always so cute and you can check more friends’ finished products here in!

It starts as 10pcs. That is MOQ:10pcs, 10 pcs/design. So I put it here, you can design your candy easily with the template:

Wish you have more fun designing it!

Of course memopads are here too! Vograce has Custom Sticky Notes  and Custom Memo Pads (not sticky). You can choose as you wish.

MOQ: 50PCS/design

Each design of Memo Pads has 50 sheets

Memo pads need 50pcs/design to start for about only $37.70(50pcs) for certain shapes: Apple/Heart/Bear/Butterfly/Square.

Other shapes need to custom from $213 (50pcs). But if you want another 50pcs for the design it only needs about $10 more. Guess what? It is the similar with the metal pins - memo’s“mold fee”.

So welcome to swim in cute memo pads sea!

Here is the template.


No. 3 Custom PVC Rubber Keychain

Cute  PVC Rubber Keychains are not expensive if you want more than 50pcs.

MOQ: 50pcs,The price is determined by the design's size, process and complexity and the colors

You can get the price on vograce site:

You can also choose to print back or mold back (imagine how cute it will be with 2 sides pattern!)

 Moreover, if you buy more than 100 you will get 22%off! Yes Vograce is so cheap! (from $1.66ea ) Yes the mold fee needs certain money.

Welcome to check the site for your design now.

If you purchase again with the same design and process as before, you can contact us to reduce part of the cost (mold cost)

Notice: Gradients are not possible on PVC.


No.4 Custom Kiss Cut Stickers Sheets

Amazing kiss cut stickers  are the best way to put all your designs and custom 50pcs!


Price: starts only by $0.657each

Vograce has also big discount for buying 200pcs: 10%off!

If you buy more there is also 20%off for buying 1000pcs!

Variety of stickers are waiting for you: Glitter/Mirror/static/kraft paper/ Brushed gold stickers...... Just check for more stickers’ options.



No.5 Washi Tapes

Cute washi tapes are beautiful and allow more imagination for the cuties for everywhere. Vograce Washi Tape is eco-friendly, durable, with clear color and good adhesion. You can use it to wrap your goods and packages: a wonderful way to let your package a perfect one!  Single side printed. Size and design are customizable.

It starts by 10pcs/design. (Vograce tries its best to get the lowest MOQ for every customer chances to try more merches!)The more you order, the bigger discount you get.

You can choose from bronzing/hot stamping washi tapes or the stamp washi tapes from Vograce.  

No.6 Custom Keychain Backing Card

Backing cards are cool way to let more people know your bussiness and strengthen your brand influence. It is a good way to show your social media on your backing cards.

Invite your customers to follow your channels and get the latest news of your merches update and the new promotion information. Believe me, it’s really worthwhile.

What’s more the backing cards are very cheap:  start by only $0.12 for 50pcs/design.

If you want to get your bussiness a long term one and gain more development, designing a backing card or a head card is not a big work.

Just do it!

Welcome to contact us by email or find us in social media(many giveaway!)

Instagram:@vograce_new @vograce_oya @vograce_yuying

Discord: Vograce Chat



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