Custom PVC Rubber Keychain

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Soft PVC Rubber Keychain




50pcs,The price is determined by the design's size, process and complexity and the colors 

Can be customized

Shape, size, design


CMYK printing


Promotion Gift


opp bag

The design cannot have gradients, and the length and width of each color area must be greater than 1.5mm

If you purchase again with the same design and process as before, you can contact us to reduce part of the cost (mold cost)

One Side / Two Sides: Your keychain can have a molded front, molded front + printed back or molded front + molded back.

We have professional key chain customized service, with advanced printing equipment and professional manufacturing team; our products can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes, smooth edges, bright surface, a soft PVC texture, and a variety of exquisite accessories to choose.Our products are not only exquisite but also practical!

PVC keychain is made of soft pvc, and has the characteristics of softness and no skin irritation. It has strong three-dimensional effect, bright color, good hand feeling and visual effect. can be custom-made including the shape, size and design. It is suitable for corporate promotional gifts and personal collections. 

Each rubber PVC keychain can be fully customized and colored per your design. Full color soft rubber custom keychains and PVC key chains are a fun way to showcase your business or organization. Soft rubber PVC key chains are less rigid and more flexible than metal keychains. Their bright colors can be a playful way to promote your business.

Custom PVC & rubber key chains can be used to promote events, trade shows or conventions, and are a great way to give away a rubber keychain

Any Shape is Possible: Round, Square, Rectangle, Triangle or Custom Shaped keychain.
One Side / Two Sides: Your keychain can have a molded front, molded front + printed back or molded front + molded back.
Number of Colors: 1,2… 10 your design, your colors… Gradients are not possible on PVC.
Send us your file (custom logo or idea): We prefer vector art (from CorelDraw or Illustrator) but if you have your design in a bitmap format, we can help you design your keychain, and get it ready for production.