Luminous Products Introduction

Surprise you when the package arrives! Sorry for long waiting! Vograce glow in the night products come!


Luminous Products families

The luminous products include keychains and ornaments. The keychain can be made of non-epoxy or glue, and you can also choose transparent single-sided glue or single-sided gold powder glue. The luminous family is very large!


Features of luminous products

  • Withgreatluminous effect
  • Shapes,patternscan be customized
  • Water resistance - soaked in soapy water for 24 hours without peeling off
  • Scratch resistant - the print layer is inside


Special Note: Characteristics of Luminous Ink

Only after absorbing light can it shine (sunshine, light), the longer the absorbing time, the longer the night light lasts;

Usually the first 5-15min after light absorption is brighter (see light absorption time), and then it continues to decay, and the duration of production is about 4 hours (see in the dark)


It is recommended to let the product absorb light for a period of time after getting it! The night light effect is better


Files requirements:

We accept: PSD, PNG, PDF, and JPEG files.

We request CMYK color.

For best results 300dpi - 1000x1000 resolution minimum is advised.

We highly prefer PNGs with transparent backgrounds or PSD formatted files.


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