How to Make Lovely Pillow Keychain & Manjuu Plush Keychain

Do you like Throw Pillows? Make them into your favorite patterns and Keyrings! You can touch them anytime you like, and share your idol with your friends at any time!

Custom Pillow Keychain

Product name: Mini Pillow Keychain

Material: Super soft plush, 2way. padded with PP cotton


Size: Our recommended size is 10cm

Can be customized: Shape, size, design, accessories

Pillow keychain can be made of soft plush or 2way material padded with PP cotton.

Shape, size, design and accessories are customizable.


Black lanyard is used by default

You can also choose from other accessory, which costs 1 yuan / piece

Production cycle

7-12 days


Independent OPP bag packaging

Picture requirements

No mosaic above 72dpi




Custom Manjuu Plus

Do you know the Manjuu?

It's cute and easy to pinch. It's lovely and can be used as decoration. The Manjuu is mainly used as a small doll for animation products, it is a kind of creative product

Production process:

The pattern is provided by the customer. We can make the shape pattern by tt (heat transfer). Then we cut it and fill the pillow core. Finally we will sew it in multi dimensions.

The custom Manjuu Plush can be tailor-made according to patterns and designs provided by customers. Accessories include small ears, long ears, horns, tail, bb whistle and bead chain. Vograce custom manjuu plush is made of short plush+PP cotton, which is very soft and comfortable. The printed pattern won’t fall off.

Product name

Manjuu Plush


Small ears, long ears, horns,tail, bb whistle

Can be customized



Specification and size:

only 7.5cm sphere shape is made by default. Customers can design customized ears and tails

Advantages: soft and comfortable material, full filling and small order quantity.

It can be printed on both sides



BB whistle

You can't see it outside. If you add it in the middle of the ball, there will be a sound when you press it


Please draw according to the template 

Try to provide large image, the larger the better, pixel 300dpi;

If you want to add an add-on, add it to the template.

Because the real object is a three-dimensional effect, can not be seen directly, so generally do not provide renderings, the real object will have a certain color difference

Our template only has the body part,and the ears, tail need to be designed by yourself.

All templates:

 Manjuu :




What are the advantages of Vograce products?

We have a large factory with an area of 6000 square meters and more than 100 production equipments. Our company passed SGS Certification in 2011 and has more than 8 years experiences. We have a professional R&D team that will update products crafts and processes irregularly to bring better products and services for our customers.

Any people can order from Vograce. Some of Vograce products have MOQ requirement and some don’t have MOQ requirement. Our products quality of bags are ensured. Vograce also provides design service.

Place order process:

①Select item with (material, process, size, accessories, quantity, etc.) + upload file

②Add to shopping cart

③Fill your receiving address

④Select express

⑤PayTips :

①Different products, processes or accessories need to upload artwork separately and add shopping cart for unified settlement; for the same process and accessories, only need to upload the files and add the shopping cart for settlement (you can check the question 3 for help)

②If there have problem with the file you upload, we will contact you to modify it

③The default hole location is directly above the design. If the hole location needs to be placed in other positions, please leave a message or mark in the design. If there are hole position requirements or more than 10 orders, we will confirm the outline with you through the email. The others will be arranged to do the goods directly. If you have any problems with the products, you can contact us and we will ensure that they can be solved  

With the core "personalized customization", Vograce is a professional Animation peripheral customized enterprise integrating, design, development, production and sales. The products sell well at home and abroad.



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