Tips On DIY Acrylic Keychains


Are you still worried about the expensive animation peripheral products?
Are you still unhappy that  your design is not getting  attention?
Are you still worrying about  the company's brand that no one cares about?

Custom keychains are a great way to increase brand awareness and show off your personal designs. By using promotional items like keychains,  you can spread  your image and brand. In the same way, you can also present your unique design ideas on the keychain through our custom keychains, gift them to others or collect them as souvenirs. As long as you provide pictures, we can make your dreams come true.
VOGRACE include customized clear acrylic keychains, epoxy keychains, holographic keychains,metal keychains, candy keychains, rubber pvc keychains and so on.

Learn how to use adhesive vinyl to make a DIY acrylic keychain

  • Adhesive Vinyl
  • Cutting machine - Silhouette or Cricut
  • Weeding tool
  • Transfer Tape
  • SVG File (this should come free with the key chain)- please note that it is the correct proportions but might need a little re-sizing (keeping the proportions the same) to get it to match… and you can always trim off the extra with an exacto knife if needed
  • Decorative Tassel (optional)
  • Needle Nose Pilers 

     Step One:

The SVG designs come free with the acrylic blank, and if for some reason yours doesn’t pop up in your order history, make sure to shoot CSDS vinyl a note, and they will send it right over.

The files are proportionately correct but might need to be slightly re-sized (with the proportions locked) depending on the size key chain you order.

Step Two:

Next, it’s time to weed the vinyl design; 

I used a patterned vinyl for the acrylic blank to really help make it pop.  I also used these fress wreath frames for the circle design. 

This is the part where you can let your creativity shine.  I think it’s fun to add in names, initials, school colors, bible verses, or really whatever you want to your designs.

If patterned vinyl is used, make sure you know it’s not double-sided with patterns on both sides. 

If you are using solid color vinyl, then the solid color will show on both sides.

Once all of your vinyl designs are weeded out, you can continue onto the next steps of your DIY acrylic key chain.💕


Step Three:

Using the transfer tape, it’s now to apply the vinyl design to the acrylic key chain. Double-check that the coating is peeled off your blank first. 

Also, at this point, try to minimize touching the key chain because it leaves fingerprints really easily.   

Keeping the vinyl on the transfer tape, bring your blank to the vinyl and transfer tape instead of the other way around. 

Line up the key chain with the keyhole on the vinyl design.

Press it down firmly to allow the acrylic key chain to attach firmly.

Peel off the transfer tape so that the design is left on the acrylic. 


Step Four:

What’s really nice is the blank acrylic key chains come with the chain and hook to connect to the ring included in your purchase. 

To finish off the project, connect the hook and add the key chain.   

This is where you can also add in the decorative tassels.

 I recommend using needle nose pliers to close and secure the hook tightly to ensure it doesn’t accidentally open up and fall off.


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