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So cute and fun!

I was SO excited to try out these lanyard keychains for my desert cat designs and will definitely be making more using other designs after I saw how good these turned out. The files were really easy to set up and the colors all printed very well. This was exactly what I imagined and I couldn't be happier with the quality.

Great quality at a great price

I am still very new to selling my artwork and was excited to branch out to acrylic charms, but I was admittedly nervous about messing something up and wanted to make sure my products were high quality. That's when I heard about Vograce and decided to give them a try. They made the whole process very easy and had a proof ready for me to view and approve quickly. Once shipped, the keychains arrived quickly and were exactly what I pictured. With some designs, I even ended up receiving a few extra pieces, which was really nice. I will definitely be using Vograce again and I'm so happy with how these turned out!

great photos!!!

very nice quality photos, looks like keychains and isn't too pricy for such great quality. any shadows are balanced out and don't make the photo appear too stodgy or dark. thank yoooooooou

Excellent Quality

These are some of the best charms I've seen around, and I'm more than happy with what they did with my design! I'm looking forward to order more like this in the future. :)

Custom Vinyl Stickers


these were the first charms I ever made and I'm really happy with how they turned out! Love how vibrant the colors look

Gorgeous Pins

The Designs turned out great. The color is very vibrant and the resin really makes the pins pop.


That was really fast, I got my keychains and the colours just looks amazing!


I'm extremely happy with how they turned out.

Really Amazing!

The quality is very high and exceeded my expectations. Will definitely order more!

I’m satisfied!

I have no complaints, the product i received looks great: the colors are great, the holographic film looks gorgeous, and it just looks so pretty!
Thank you Vograce.

Appacado 4 Life

When I first heard of Vograce and the many things it had to offer to start my small art business, I knew what was going to be my instant bestseller because of them. Introducing, Appacado! For now he is just an acrylic keychain, but there will be more of him in different types of products! I love how he turned out and my contacts also agreed. I also love the cat accessory added to hold the chain. I love everything about this!


the charms are incredibly well produced and the process of making them was super easy!!

Favorite Charm!

the double epoxy has to be my absolute favorite! it gives my charms the perfect clean look and feels super nice too!

Love how these turned out!

I really like the look of the blue frosted acrylic! It's a shame these are only a limited time release; I'll be sure to order more before they go off the shelves.

Nice magnets!

Printing is vibrant and clear, and all of the magnets still well. My only complaint is that all of them arrived with some scuffs/marks on the magnetic back (presumably due to shipping?), but they still work normally despite this, and the front sides were all pristine.

Good quality pins!

Really like how these turned out! The printing is vibrant and clear, and the epoxy is a really nice touch- will definitely add to some of my future orders as well

Perfect button pins.

I ordered the glossy pins and I adore how they turned out. Perfect size and the images were very clear. Would reccomend!


I really love how the acryllic pins came out - they are just like charms but perfect for corkboards and itabags!
I will absolutely be making more purchases for these pins in the future.

The keychains look super great :D

Super pretty!!

Good quality and I'm very happy with my purchase :3

Cute! Pink!

So I took a chance with this one because the file I sent I felt should not have worked but it did. I will say upon review my file the color is darker but I still love it, (I don't think I sent the file and colors the right way)! I was so happy and grateful they helped me as I sent back the proof a few times but everything was still quick and easy! I think next time I order I might see if they can also do a backing card for the pin! So far everything had been affordable as I am slowly starting my little business.!


More than i expected, and for the price I really should have grabbed more cards. For me this is all new so I was confused and how things worked but once I figured it out it went smoothly, I had a proof within days and got my item in under two weeks. I am so happy to use this in my little mystery boxes. Also Im excited to buy more!

Simply one of my favorite products. I really like how they arrive and if you are a lover of acrylic pins, I absolutely recommend you try them!

The colors are brilliant and the final result, with or without the finishes, I really like how they make stickers!