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really good!

the quality is amazing as always! this is my second time ordering and i recommend turning down the brightness and saturation a tiny bit for more accurate colours. other than that, no complains!

Love the thickness

The thickness of the stickers are my favorite as whenever I make my own they're always on cheap thin sticker paper.
They print vibrantly! But sometimes if you are too harsh over the years the laminated part can peel. But honestly not even a big issue

Great turnout!

I always use Vograce for my charms and even though I got a 1.5 inch, the details were all there. Vibrant colors just as my customers say as well!

Amazing attention to detail

This is my second time ordering standees and they came out wonderful. I have a kind of detailed anime art style and I could see the little details! 5 stars all the way

Absolutely perfect! Thanks Vicky!

I waffled back and forth over whether or not to order clear stickers, but I’m so happy that I did. They’re thick, sturdy, and nearly opaque in the design area. The colors are a little darker than anticipated, but CMYK conversion accounts for that. Overall, I’m delighted with them! The border is clear, though they come on a white backing. They feel like good quality, and I’ve had a couple on my iPad since I received my order, and they’ve held up very well to being carried around the house, and being laid on by very rude cats.

The ordering process was smooth and easy as always - my rep is Vicky, and I really can’t say enough good things about her. She’s awesome! She’s been my rep since my first order, and she’s made ordering from Vograce a pleasure. She’s very communicative, efficient, and so friendly! I make every order with her now, because she just makes the whole process so easy. She has gone above and beyond to make sure that I’m happy with every product, and because of her, I am!

Definitely worth it!

Quality was fantastic (I've already accidentally slammed a door on one and it only scratched a bit) and the unique charms were super cute. They even gave a couple extras! I'll definitely order again next year ^o^

The sides of some of them had some leftover plastic scraps, but they come off pretty easy so it wasn't really a big deal.


I think this will be my fav keychain option to order from now on!!


I wasn't sure if this concept would work out at the start but I'm so happy with the outcome!!! ☹️💙
This is the first time I order from vograce and it blows my mind how professional their work is ♡

Super adorable!! ♡

This keychain so far is my fav! I was surprised with the quality of the acrylic & the linyard as well ♡

Tho I would like to have an option to include more than one accessory hangers (the basic ring and the shaped ones at the same time) ^^

High quality and cute

Love these pins! The resin coating makes them look even nicer

Cute charms

high quality and shipping was pretty fast all things considered. Would recommend

Good quality

The rainbow effect is even better in person! I added a glitter resin coating and they turned out super cute

Cute af

I love these! The quality is great and they’re my best selling charms

Great quality

Been meaning to do sticker sheets for a while and they just came out perfect! Brilliant quality print, good size and work a charm

Love the Quality!

Was my first time working with vograce but not the last, I ordered some keychains based on my design and they came out absolutely stunning! They were helpful when it came to having my keychain come out double sided perfectly and I didn’t think it took a long time to receive my shipment either. Only difficulty I had was peeling the protective covers when I received my shipment but everything else is amazing and will be ordering more!

Perfect sample

Came with lots of goodies to help me get some ideas on what Items I can get made. I am looking forward to getting some custom items made through Vograce


The standees turned out super pretty! The double side is super important and gives a great opportunity to have your character in two different outfits or expressions! The stand is sturdy and easy to assemble.


The stickers are high quality! Some of mine turned out smaller than I expected but I think that is my fault. Some also came out darker than in acrylic charms (I used the same design). The hologram effect is a cool touch!


The charms are very high quality and they turned out so much better than I thought they would!

my first keychains ゚。⋆

I am absolutely obsessed with these. I just started posting my art and stuff so I sort of ordered these just as samples, but the process was so easy and they came out so good that I was like oop I'll just sell these too (I did keep 1 each for myself though hehe). I will definitely be ordering again!! https://kinistu.etsy.com

Flawless quality

I regularly use Vograce for getting my acrylic keychains made. They are sturdy and beautiful quality.


The concept is very neat. It does make the picture look grainy, as expected, but I'm sure it has its applications with the right design. I appreciate the opportunity to purchase a sample.

Love it!

Ordered a sample of the wooden shaker keychain. I love the sound the beads make and the quality overall is great. Very interested in getting wooden shakers of my own made thanks to the sample.

Great deal

I didn't know Vograce offered custom sampled until recently. Great way to test out items without committing to a full order. I got a wooden keychain made in ashwood, and two kinds of holographic stickers. Very pleased with the results.

Flawless quality

I regularly use Vograce for getting my acrylic keychains made. They are sturdy and beautiful quality.