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Vograce is the Manu for Beginners!

This is my first time producing physical merchandise and I ordered a sample through Vograce. Their instructions were clear, user interface was easy to use, the product arrived quickly and I could easily see updates on my product through my profile! Not to mention the quality of the print in the keychain was wonderful, no compression or loss of vibrancy with my illustration! I recommend Vograce for beginner merchandise makers looking for a fast, stress-free, and high quality experience!

Love the size

The sizing of the keychain is just how I imagined. They even gave me one free extra keychain of my design :)

It was perfect!

I bought two designs worth from here and they came out great! :D

Super cool! :D

My shaker charms came out exactly how I imagined it! Definitely would buy again :D

Excellent quality

Beautiful cards exactly to my specifications. Loved the nice box they came in. Will order again in the future.

Very striking pictures!

This is a really useful and really convenient photography method! Saves a lot of time and effort compared to getting photos done after receiving the product by a third party. Results are easy to work with and look great, plus can be easily edited.

Excellent keychains!

They're gorgeous, super richly colored and the holographic effects are bright and beautiful in person.

My keychains came out fantastic! I ordered 10 each of my designs and got a good deal which is also very appreciated. The representative handling my order was very sweet and helpful - all in all I had a very positive experience placing this order :)

Perfect As Always!

The charms are so beautiful, vibrant, thick, and durable! They are perfect for my customers ^-^ I’ve tried other places for charms, but the quality just wasn’t as good. The turnaround time is always super fast as well! And can I mention how HELPFUL Lindsay is? I always had problems with my email for some reason, but Lindsay was so quick and happy to help and I’ve been going through her for my orders ever since. I order so often and every single time I do, she is on top of my orders and questions, extremely patient, and just wonderful all around. Her service is 100/10 and that alone is enough to keep me returning as a customer. I’m so happy with this order and previous orders. Definitely give them a try if you have not already. The quality of the products are extremely wonderful!

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Nice and Easy!

Easy and convenient. I appreciate how nice everyone who works at Vograce is. I've had to use this twice now and each time is stress-free. :)

I love them

They are fantastic. The texture and the colors are so nice. I just can say that I love this product.

Great Quality

This was my second time ordering my keychains here and i loved them so much, the quality and colors are perfect as always, Thanks Vograce! I will make another order very soon :)


My cat acrylic keychains turned out beautiful and arrived quickly!
They are better than I imagined!

The artwork is clear and bright, the rainbow acrylic and epoxy glitter finishes are magical in the sunlight. I am so incredibly thrilled with these, and know my customers are going to love them!

Can not wait to order more in the future!


I was nervous about making my first acrylic charm, but the process went very smoothly. The image quality is clear and vibrant, and the holo glass effect looks great! Highly recommended, and I plan on ordering more from them in the future <3


These are so amazing the quality is good, it helps me in my business! So overall 14/10 would buy again!

cute pastel and i want more colors!

i ordered the pastel pink color acrylic keychains and they came out super lovely. the cut of the material is very smooth. no scratches on the plastic, and each came wrapped in it's own little baggie with a plastic film protector on it (they were on the back where the design was not present which i thought was weird because normally the film goes on the front). the cat shaped clasps work very well and easy to put on various items. the colors on the print look near identical to my file, beautiful print color and quality. i only wish there were more colors to choose that are solid color.


Great support staff & product output

Custom Glitter Stickers
full of glitter in a good way!

the glitter was so shiny and beautiful, my only wish is that the glitter would show on the design more instead of only the outer white line on the cuttting. but the quality is still amazing and the glitter is sealed nicely into the sticker. it catches the light wonderfully

Custom Vinyl Stickers
superb quality

the paper didn't feel flimsy or too thin, the gloss coat is gorgeous. the prints came out nearly identical to the computer file colors! lovely customer service very fast


I WAS REALLY WORRIED HOW THEY'D COME OUT but they came out perfect as always no sweat and i loved shaking them around THANK YOU SO MUCH

Sample Pack
Renelle B.
Amazing sample pack!

I know the description lists exactly what you receive in the pack, but I was still blown away by how much they include! It all looked so quality and made me want to get all their products and products I didn't even know I wanted! Definitely worth getting to see and feel what your products could potentially be. I'm impressed and will be going forward with purchasing some items in the near future

Great quality!

Pins came out perfect! Colours are bright and the resin makes the pins look very professional.
Didn't find any big scraches or bubbles in anything but still received a couple extras.

Incredible keychains!

Vograce's quality is AMAZING! The colors are sharp and vibrant, the acrylic is very durable, and the overall keychain looks incredibly well made, especially with it being a keychain with a front and back design. Vograce's prices and shipping & processing times are the best that I've found. I will continue to use them for all of my keychain manufacturing.

Good quality, but…

Love the feel of these lanyards! I will absolutely be ordering again. Just the file I used the colors seemed a little darker in the file, so I will need to go back and edit my file. I think it’s probably just the shiny material is not suited for more pastel work! Otherwise, I love how bright the darker colors look!


I love the way this came out!!! The holo stars are so vibrant, and added the perfect touch for this cutie. So excited to put them in my shop!