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Hi, today we are going to introduce you the Custom clock: Customized clocks are characteristic and practical customized products. You can customize your favorite patterns and enjoy them anytime. They are beautiful and water-resistant. They are also good choices for gifts or your own use.

Acrylic clock is composed of acrylic stands, acrylic panel, movement and pointers. Custom-made service is available. MOQ: 5 PCS, can be different designs. The more you order, the heavier discount you get.


The length and width are 150 cm and the thickness is about 3.5-3.6 mm

The size of the base is 84 * 41 mm


Order step:

1 Choose Process.

1) Shape Options:

You can also choose different shapes from a regular circle, a square, or a special shape.

For the regular circle, the diameter is 15cm.

For the square clock, the length is 15cm.

For the special shape, the maximum side length is 15cm, you may need to choose the gold color for the pointer because it’s a little smaller.

2) Clock Hand Options:

There are two kinds of Clock hands for you to choose: Gold or Black.

They have different length of clock hands.

2 Submit image information

Picture requirement:

PS file, 300 resolution, CMYK color print.

The maximum side length of the dial is 15 cm. The transparent edge of your design draft is 2 mm.

Warm Tip:

No battery.

The pointer is easy to bend and needs to be used with care.


Installation Instructions:

1Press down the spindle clockwise.

2Press the minute pin down into the spindle.

3Press the second hand down into the spindle.

4Insert two acrylic clock feet into the clock as shown in the figure.


Layering diagram of the Transparent Acrylic clock

Layered diagram of the Golden Edge Acrylic Clock


Product name

Acrylic Clock


5PCS,can be different designs

Can be customized

Shape, size, design on the clock, color of hands (2 types)



The lead time

Normal order takes 2-7 days including weekends

The shipping time

2-7days excluding weekends


About Vograce

Vograce is a professional anime peripheral product manufacturer and supplier. IP products, personal artworks and patterns can be customized. Vograce specializes in custom-made keychains, badges, pins, stickers, standees, tote bags and Washi Tape. Other custom-made products such as acrylic boxes, acrylic clocks, body pillows, cards, lanyards, magnets, mini notebooks, mousepads, stamps, throw pillows, umbrellas are also available.Those products are good for advertising, promotion, collection, decoration, retail, wholesale, etc


Most products can be ordered from one to any number

2 High Quality & Low Price

The products are of high quality and competitive price

3 60 Days of Worry Free Shopping

The after-sales time is 60 days. If you find your goods have quality problems within 60 days, you can contact us to deal with them

4 Meet all kinds of Customization Needs

Precautions for follow-up purchase at Vograce

After we receive the payment, it means that your order has been processed.

If the quantity is more than ten or there are special requirements for remarks, we will send the rendering confirmation within 2 working days after receiving the payment. Please check your email. Notice: The email may be treated as spam. Thus, don’t forget to check it in your email box.

We will fill in the shipment number after delivery. The shipping confirmation email will then send to you.

Orders paid in advance but not produced for a long time:

For orders that cannot be produced for more than 3 months due to customers, we will send you a reminder email again after the order exceeds 3 months. If the email does not reply within a week, we will process a refund (a handling fee may be processed). If you need to continue to make it, you can place another order.

About the return policy if you order from Vograce

We try our best to ensure that you are satisfied with the products from Vograce. However, if you are not satisfied with the products, you have up to 180 days from receipt of delivery to contact us. Please do not return any products to us unless you have been instructed to do so by a member of the VOGRACE team.

We will replace goods that are:

a) damaged in transit;

b) the wrong product or part to that specified in your order;

c) the incorrect material / size to that specified or supplied in your order.

What should you know before order from Vograce?

We provide a sample service, and you should expect to produce several prototypes of your design before going into final production. This will give you a clearer insight into how your final design will look and will help to avoid any disappointments once you have received your finished products.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please feel free to contact us. You can choose to email us at Welcome to follow us at Facebook, Twitter.

Wish you enjoy our products and our service.



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