Why buy custom button pins from Vograce?

Vograce specializes in badges, keychains, pins and other customizable and printable products that are produced in a large factory with professional equipments. Our button pins and badges are generally made of tinplate.

What are the advantages of Vograce products?

We have a large factory with an area of 6000 square meters and more than 100 production equipments. Our company passed SGS Certification in 2011 and has more than 8 years experiences. We have a professional R&D team that will update products crafts and processes irregularly to bring better products and services for our customers.

Any people can order from Vograce. Some of Vograce products have MOQ requirement and some don’t have MOQ requirement. Our products quality of tinplate pins, badges are ensured. You don’t have to worry about your copyright infringement at Vograce. Vograce also provides design service.

What is Tinplate and whats the features?

Tinplate is a kind of metal material. We can understand it as a kind of iron sheet that has been specially treated; professionally, it is known as tinplate. Tinplate is thin, not easy to rust and often used for food packaging cans.

Among Vograce products, tinplate is one of the main material, which can be assembled into several popular products: badges, pins, mirrors, refrigerator magnets, mirror keychains, refrigerator magnet bottle openers, etc.

Generally combined tinplate is covered with paper on the surface, and there are two kinds of plastic bottom or tinplate bottom on the back; there are many specifications and sizes, because the tinplate product is relatively cheap and cost-effective. Our industry turns the finished product into: tinplate badges, tinplate button pins as the main. 

What tinplate products does Vograce supply?

Vograce tinplate products include pins, badges, mirrors, mirror keychains, fridge magnets, bookmarks, medals, belt buckles, hooks, bottle openers and bottle opener keychains. Those products are widely used in accessories, logos, advertising and promotional gifts.

Vograce tinplate badges and pins can be made as:

Vograce other tinplate products sizes:

Fridge magnets: 44 mm, 75 mm

Bottle Opener (or keychain type): 58 mm

Mirror: 75 mm

Mirror keychain: 44 mm, 58 mm

What are the special features of Vograce tinplate products?

Vograce tinplate products can be made with decorative films. The square ones can be made with bright film only. Our holographic film can be applied to designated products: 44 and 58 mm round, star, heart shaped only.

It is best to choose one type of film for one design. If you select several at the same time, it is easy to make mistakes during the production. When the quantity is small, different films applied will increase the consumables, which also causes troubles in production. Thus, large quantities are recommended for multi-films tinplate badges and pins at Vograce.

The back images can be customized with additional charges. If you want, we can print QR code on the tinplate button pin’s back.

How to order custom badges/pins from Vograce?

If you already have an artwork, you can simply upload it to our website on the product page that you choose. Picture requirements: 300+ resolution, 1000+ pixels. JPG, PNG, AI, CDR formats are all available. CMYK. (CMYK is our printing color; generally what computers see are RGB color effects.) If you don’t have an artwork but have an idea, you can also contact us to help you re-design and product.

Most tinplate pins have plastic bottoms by default. Our 44MM and 58MM tinplate pins has tinplate bottom to choose from and the price is the same. 

We made a blog about how to order from Vograce where you can see details and won’t get lost anymore.

What packages do Vograce use?

Packing method: machine packing, ziplock bag packing, customer mailing special packing to us for packing. There could be additional charges for customer mailing special packing to us for packing.

What films to choose from? 




Click to see our tinplate pins template 

What pins or badges custom-made from Vograce are highly recommended ?

Vograce custom pins include custom metal pins, enamel pins, button pins, acrylic pins, soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins, etc. They can be made into commemorative pins, badges, logos, bookmarks, medals, cuffs, tie clips, ornaments, belt buckles, bag holders and other products for multiple purposes. Custom round holographic button pins and shaped pins are highly recommended.  

Vograce holographic button pins are made with holographic films and printed according to customer’s artworks. The holographic button pins are more pretty than ordinary ones. Existing round tinplate button pins can be made (only round, not special shape) with holographic effect. There are 13 holographic film styles to choose from. The minimum order quantity is 10 pics. 44mm, 58mm and 75mm in size are available.

Layering for the 10 glitter holographic modes

Welcome to make orders from Vograce. We supply not only custom pins, badges, but also custom keychains, stickers, pillows, standees and other customizable anime peripheral products. Learn more about us at Vograce.com.