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Customize the circle stickers
Nome do Produto Fita Washi

Cor eco-friendly, claro, não é fácil desvanecer, boa adesão, durável

MOQ. 10 PCS, 10 PCs / Design
largura 1cm, 1,5 cm, 2cm, 2,5 cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 7cm
Comprimento padrão. 3/5/7/10 / 15 m
Técnica Impressão do lado único
Forma Volta
Uso Presente, Promoção, Publicidade
Pode ser personalizado Tamanho, design.
Formato do arquivo PS, JPG, AI CDR (CMYK)


Vograce Washi fita é eco-friendly, durável, com cor clara e boa adesão. MOQ: 10 pcs. Único lado impresso. Tamanho e design são personalizáveis. Quanto mais você pedir, o desconto maior que você recebe.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
So cool!!

Having my art on washi tape is so cool!! It's really great quality. The only thing I would say is that sometimes it is a little less sticky than the average washi tape, but otherwise the adhesive is decent (this is to be expected anyway from washi tape). The colours are very vibrant and it looks professional.

Kimberly D.
Making this my go to for washi tape!

I've been searching for a washi tape manufacturer for a long time now, and my hunt is officially over! I am in love with how great these turned out, staying true to the colors and no blurriness! The quality of the tape is great too, can even use it for masking drawings and it won't rip the paper. Can't wait to release these in my shop! :)

So good, so cute!!

I got my washi tape pretty fast. The quality is good and I really hope that I'll have more ideas to order more in future :)

Emily H.
Love them!

I'm so happy with Vograce's washi tapes! The directions when ordering/prepping are easy to follow, a representative gets in contact with you immediately and they are super helpful and understanding. My representative made sure I was satisfied before producing, replied quickly, and always wished me a nice day. She was so sweet! And the order arrived earlier than I expected. The quality of the washi tapes is also great and there were no printing issues. It is more than worth it for the price. Would definitely buy again!

Cute Washi Tape!

I got my washi tape and it turned out really nicely! It sticks on paper well and the quality came out 100% perfect!

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