Notas autoadesivas personalizadas

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Nome do Produto Notas autoadesivas personalizadas
MOQ. 50 pcs.
Número de folhascadaPost-it Cada notas pegajosas tem 50 folhas
Técnica Cada folha é um lado e tem apoio adesivo
Impressão Impressão CMYK.
Requisitos de arquivo Por favor, envie PSD / CDR/ Jpg /Arquivo PNG / PDF / AI. Por favor, fornecendo cor CMYK. Precisa de 300 resolução, 1000 pixels ou mais.O melhor arquivo para upload é o png transparente ou formato PSD.

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Customer Reviews

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Really cute sticky notes are possible!

I got three designs done on the cat-shape sticky notes. They absolutely look a treat! I anticipated that the inner pages would be lighter than the art I sent, but that error was on me. D'oh!
I believe I would order these again in the near future, with a clear design! I did appreciate that each notepad was individually wrapped, thank you Vograce!

Laureen L.

Thank you so much, my 2nd order has arrived, great quality, very fast shipping

Good size, good to write on

This was my first time ordering sticky notes from Vograce. I ordered two designs in the Square 10 cm size and one Heart 7 cm size. The 10 cm size is bigger than standard post-it notes, has lots of room for writing, and shows the artwork well. The 7cm heart shape is very cute, I went for a minimal design that allowed a good amount of writing space. There is a slight color variation on the white design with the words "to do..." and "it's going to be a good day!" It was supposed to have navy blue text, printed as brown. But the colors for everything else look very good.

Took pen and marker well, didn't bleed through. When using as a sticky note you have to press really hard to make sure the sticky note stays, otherwise it may curl off the surface.

Despite being individually wrapped in cellophane, they are easily bent and indented. Out of every 50pc order for about 10 pcs are slightly dented or damaged, so my total order has 27/150 damaged products. Most are only slight bends to the thin paper however and can be overlooked, only a few were torn or severely bent on the back of the pad.

Good product, wish it was a little more sticky and packaged with some padding to avoid damage in transit.

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