Custom Kiss Cut Stickers Folhas

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Customer Reviews

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George R.
Great quality

Been meaning to do sticker sheets for a while and they just came out perfect! Brilliant quality print, good size and work a charm

Felix O.
CRAZY AMAZING! + great customer service?

Holy cow!! My experience with Vograce could NOT have been better. I was helped by Yanni and they were so efficient and made sure the details were perfect. They worked with when the details were not right and when the files didn’t turn up clear. To add to that, I received the stickers in a week. They are gorgeous and high quality. I have no complaints whatsoever.

I ordered 50 and my business will be ready to set off soon!!

Cute sticker sheets!

This was my first time ordering stickers before, and they turned out great! They gave a few extra sticker sheets which is lovely, and setting up my files was very easy. I wanted my sticker sheets not to have white borders so I requested a proof without them and they delivered very quickly! Overall wonderful service, I can't wait to order more things if I can!

Melissa C.
Excellent quality!

This is the first time I've used Vograce! It's been a while since I've created stickers, so I was nervous about preparing the files. When creating the files, I was careful to include a layer where I wanted the die-lines. The digital proof followed them exactly! I was also worried about the colors of the print, as I've experienced some color loss in some other prints of these same images. The quality of the colors was excellent, I am very satisfied with it. The stickers themselves feel sturdy and good to use. The stickers were delivered very quickly, which surprised me. I'm very happy with these stickers and if I need to make more stickers in the future I will definitely use Vograce again.

Cute and customizable!

I love that you can pick the exact size you want, and the print quality is awesome. I’ve ordered stickers from many printing companies so I have a ton of others to compare them with, and VoGrace’s are top tier. The price and shipping time is also very reasonable!

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