Adesivos de corte personalizado 2

Preço normal$1.10
Envio calculado na finalização da compra.

Quantidade (a unidade de compra é de 10 peças)
Os adesivos são contados por 10pcs, então o preço é para o valor × 10pcs (por exemplo: se você deseja obter 100 pcs, digite "10")
Os adesivos são contados por 10pcs; portanto, o preço é para o valor × 10pcs (por exemplo: se você precisar comprar 100 adesivos, preencha 10 na coluna de quantidade)
Nome do Produto Adesivos cortados
MOQ 50Pieces/vários projetos
Material Vinil, PVC, claro, holográfico, glitter, prismático
Custo estimado de envio, tempo de produção, pontualidade de logística
Pode ser personalizado Tamanho, design
Requisitos de arquivo Faça o upload do arquivo PSD/PNG/PDF/AI/JPG/CDR. Por favor, fornecendo a cor CMYK. Precisa de 300 resolução, 1000 pixels ou mais.
Recurso Ecológico
Perceber Se você pediu mais de 10items adesivos ou tiver requisitos especiais, ofereceremos a você provas/linhas de corte para confirmar


Customer Reviews

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writing paper sticker

I ordered the writing paper sticker and the result is amazing! The color came out very vibrant and accurate. It also has very nice paper texture, perfect for those who don't like glossy look!
I usually ordered matte stickers, but I think this one is much better. The image from matte sticker would come off after I while, but this one doesn't.

Alder B.
Whirlwind of Pearl Paper

Extremely happy with how these came out. The Pearl paper is subtle, but really does the trick with these designs. Plus the way they were packaged together made me giggle. The autism set already had so many colors going on that I wanted something understated for the background and this made the perfect gift for some of my fellow Neurodivergent friends! Excited to be selling these at cone sometime in the future; I can sense they’re going to be a hit.

Mireia M.R.

Custom Die Cut Stickers 2

Devon C.
I love these stickers!

These stickers are my go to product! I have alwaya adored the way they look and the quality and size choices are perfect, i will forever keep using this product as its just so high quality!

SaraFina N.
Great price for good quality stickers!

I went ahead and ordered 2 different sets of stickers and was very pleased with the results- I didn't get the glossy finish ones so if you rub your finger against them a little too hard then the picture smudges away but other then that they stick super well, even when removed and placed back onto an item! They didn't distort the images I sent and the sizes are great for like a PC or a phone which is what I used mine for. I was expecting to get only about 2 stickers for whatever reason but wound up getting about 27-ish in each pack which is great! The shipping was quite fast and they send you an image of where FedEx put the package which is great- If your looking for a company to make stickers of your oc's or a design you've made I 100% recommend vograce! Just make sure you verify the proof though, don't be like me waiting for the stickers not realizing you have to verify the proof for the designs final look like I did 💀

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