Chaveiro feito sob encomenda do travesseiro

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Double sided printing
Nome do Produto Mini chaveiro travesseiro
Material Super macio plush, 2way. acolchoado com algodão pp
MOQ. 20 pcs.
Tamanho 10 cm
Pode ser personalizado Forma, tamanho, projeto, acessórios

Chaveiro de travesseiro pode ser feito de material macio de pelúcia ou 2way acolchoado com algodão pp. Forma, tamanho, design e acessórios são personalizáveis. MOQ: 20 pcs.

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Customer Reviews

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Leeann H.
The HOT CAKES of keychains.

No word of a lie, these keychains are probably the best investment I'd ever made. They proved very, VERY popular with kids (and their parents) as the soft plush finish enhanced the cuteness of the whole thing. And I sold out of all of them. (I should still order more!)

Stephanie S.

Schöne Größe vom Anhänger, tolle Verarbeitung und weicher Plüsch. Ich finds toll. Danke ^^ gerne wieder

Samson The Spoop has never felt softer!!

First off, the customer service is amazing, they will let you know if you have left anything out and actively stay in touch to make sure you know where your order is in the process. For the keychains, I am BLOWN AWAY they are not only extremely soft but the printing on them is exceptional. No bleeding lines, crisp design EXACTLY as submitted. Cannot wait to order again!!

Teresa B.
One of the softest things I have ever touched

When they came in, I loved how they looked. The printing is really nice and clean with no blurring what so ever.

I opened the package and took one out of the bag and it is so soft. I own a lot of squishmellows and this was that soft!!!

No smells or stains, I am very pleased with this purchase, I can't wait to put them into my Kawaii Surprise Boxes.

Thank you Vograce

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