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Product name Dakimakura body pillow
MOQ 5pieces/multiple designs
Can be customized Size, design
Size 120*45cm,150*50cm,160*50cm,180*50cm
material Peach skin velvet,2WT,tribute silk, Short plush Please note that the ink used for different materials is also different, so it will cause  the printing effect of color difference with different product material. 
Estimated shipping cost, production time
Pillow core Reminder: If the pillow core is bulky and the freight is too expensive, it is recommended to buy a pillowcase, and the pillow core can be purchased separately from the Internet. For example search keyword: compression premium fiberfill.
Notice If you have ordered more than 5  pillows or have special requirements, we will offer you with proof/cutlines for confirm Usually it is double-sided printing. Please write a note in the order if you want single-sided printing.

The body pillow cover is made of peach skin velvet or 2way tricot or tribute silk material.  The pattern is customizable and will not fall off. MOQ: 5 pieces, can be different designs.

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Customer Reviews

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Hannah C.

The artwork was printed kind of blurry, but that could be a printing issue or an issue with the resolution on my end. Other than that great quality!


I am overjoyed with my purchase! I ordered some soft plush dakimakura and they're perfect! The color is vibrant, the material is soft without being too fluffy, the quality is crisp and wonderful, I have no complaints at all! It's well packaged and looks and feels even better than I could have expected! I wish I didn't have to order at least 5 at once though, it would be nice to have the option of a smaller quantity. But at the price they're offered, I can't really complain.

Monika H.
absolutely amazing!

I wanted to have my OC on some dakimakura for ages, but I had trouble finding out how to order with 2 designs. Reaching out to customer service was super easy and they answerd my questions super quickly! Shipping was fast too ( I am from Austria and from order to receiving it was around 20-25 days!) and the Quality is EVERYTHING!
I just ordered pillowcases, so I dont know how the pillows itself are, but the cases are *chefs kiss*

Alexandre M.
Absolutely amazing

I could not imagine better quality. Thank you


Stunning quality and absolutely soft material
10/10 very cozy

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