Custom Dakimakura Body Pillows

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Product name Dakimakura body pillow
MOQ 5PCS,can be different designs
Can be customized Size, design
Size 120*45cm,150*50cm,160*50cm,180*50cm
material Peach skin velvet,2WT,tribute silk
The body pillow cover is made of peach skin velvet or 2way tricot or tribute silk material.  The pattern is customizable and will not fall off. MOQ: 5 pieces, can be different designs.

Customer Reviews

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Clara B.
Tribute silk vs. 2WT

I bought one daki in tribute silk, and the other daki in 2WT fabric.
The tribute silk doesn't stretch and doesn't feel nice, but the colors on it are absolutely brilliant!the fabric is also very wrinkly but that can be fixed by ironing it.

The 2WT fabric doesn't have as nice colors, they're alot darker than the digital image.But the fabriciis vvery stretchy and feels very nice and soft and perfect for cuddling!

All in all:
Tribute silk: not soft, wrinkly fabric, doesn't stretch. BUT it's very shiny and the colors look amazing and very close to the digital image! I would choose this fabric for pillows that are for decorating and not for cuddling.

2WT: the colors are darkened BUT it's very soft and stretchy and perfect for dakis that are meant to be cuddled with!

Both pillows are very good quality and the sewing job well done. The prices are also very good!