Custom Battery Acrylic Bobblehead Shaking Head Acrylic Standee

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This product does not include batteries, please prepare (AAA) batteries


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Customer Reviews

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so cuuuuteeee

Love these

I wanted to try these out when they first was available to order and I'm glad I did I love the results and definitely recommend these if want something cute on your self or desk decor.
I think one thing could say is that I think these Benfit with adding how to build instructions with the packaging. Reason why,when I first opened these I was confused how to build it, i had go to the site to see how to build them. I think would be great to add with each box of a very tiny how to build paper. I know I can just print off from the site but would help if people who don't have any printing at home that these wore already with the boxes. For easy to send off to customers.
Also these very fragile cuz one fall and these will break but other then that, I still definitely recommend these and will order more soon.

Sugar D.
Exactly what I was looking for!

These are super cute! I love the fact that they are so customizable. The only problem I have is that there is no door for the battery compartment. It's just open but still super awesome.

Fatima P.d.R.
Cute and wholesome

Overall really nice idea, I also needed a modification donde on some custom measurements and they were able to do them no problem. Great product.

Mirella K.

Omg I'm so glad those were added to the page. They are like acrylic stands, but better 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Also I found even if I dont put in a battery, and I just help it a bit, it wobbles for quite some time. It's good to use both with snd without a battery!

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