Custom Acrylic Mirror Keychains

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Additional Technique

Please Upload PSD/PNG/PDF/AI file. Please providing CMYK colour. Need 300 resolution, 1000 pixels or more.
The best file to upload is PNG transparent background or PSD format.
Warm Tips : Our option for the same design on both sides means that the back side will be mirrored (if you don't want to use the mirror design on the back side, please provide the front and back side and choose the option for a different design on both sides)
②Different design for double side, please separate the layer.
③If your design with semi-transparent part, please separate your design's semi-transparent art from your artwork as an individual layer in PSD file, and name it.
④Charm size should include charms border and hole and depends on the longest edge, not only the printing design size.

1、How to make borderless charms ?

①.0.5 mm single bleeding edge (with color) must be left for cutting.
②We can just need to upload your design with the background, don't need to draw the cutline! Our designer will draw for you.

Please refer to this blog:

2、how to make gradient charms?

①You can just put a separate gradient layer on the design.
Or just put 'semi transparent' in the file name as well as left a note in the order just in case.
②For light colors, it can be very close to transparent. To avoid this problem, you can make the background color a little darker.

 Please refer to this blog:

Product name Acrylic Mirror Keychains
Printing CMYK Printing
Estimated shipping cost, production time
File requirements Please Upload PSD/PNG/PDF/AI/JPG/CDR file. Please providing CMYK colour. Need 300 resolution, 1000 pixels or more.The best file to upload is PNG transparent background or PSD format.
Notice There is a protective film on the surface of vograce acrylic keychains(except the epoxy ones). The keychains will be very bright and transparent after films are torn off! If your design contains text, please select the option "Double sided different designs" (If you have ordered more than 5 keychains or have special requirements, we will offer you with proof/cutlines for confirm)


Customer Reviews

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Leeann H.
Popular with Moms everywhere, strangely enough.

I feel the Mirror Keychains are now made obsolete thanks to the rainbow and semi-transparent options (as well as optional foil effects) on the site, but when mine arrived back in July, they had a wonderful charming effect to them. They proved most popular with my friends' mothers, who really wanted to order extra keychains!? That's fair enough, but sadly this production option is gone! :"( Maybe I'll rework the design for the more recent effects.

Absolutely Wonderful!

Man, I really wish Vograce kept making these keychains, because they look absolutely fantastic! They're very eye catching and have a nice glimmer to them, they would look great to take to cons and all of it! I hope Vograce brings these charm types back again some day, I'd definitely love to buy more <3

I love it!

For a first time buyer, I love how crisp my artwork came out on these charms. I’m excited to sell these. I just need to get some jump rings to attach the smaller charms to my main ones. I’ll definitely buy more when I sell these.

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