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Custom Clear Acrylic Keychain

Definitely quality-controlled and I love how they turned out! Definitely thinking of buying again in a larger quantity!


I testet it out on my Art! Its a perfect in every way and it makes the art more alive! Will buy again!!

40x70 mats are awesome!

Amazing mats! Did one as a commission and my client loved the weight and feel. Colors came out gorgeously.


My stickers has arrived at my home and it’s so adorable with hologram hearts shapes, so pretty!!

Love these!

My first time ordering anything from Vograce, and I absolutely LOVED the acrylic keychains! Very good quality, and I loved the holographic effect. Will definately order again.

Great quality as always!

Definitely my favourite pin maker for a while now! With the art sandwiched between acrylic, you can be confident the art will be preserved! They’re thick enough to be durable but not too thick and I can’t wait to try the different holo options in the future!

highly recommend VO Grace and their acrylic keychains!!

Quality even better than I had imagined, and the person who talked me through the final plans for keychains was very kind and patient !! Thank you so much :) I will definitely be buying from here again.

Amazing Keychains

We made some Keychains with our Dungeons and Dragons campain logo, and they turn out AMAZING.
I love them so much, they're so perfect and they SPARK a lot!


THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS. I loved that they felt heavy and not fragile. I’m very happy with my keychains and will definitely be purchasing some more soon <3

so damn pretty

it look a whilento deliver (thanks TNT) but other than that the buttons are so pretty it makes my art beautiful and i wish i give it more than 5 stars

Amazing quality and really fast make+shipping time

I only got a one off made, The outline they did is perfect and the finished product is immaculate.

Great quality!!!

I was scared to order from a website like this (since you never know what’s gonna happen!) but I was surprised to see all the positive reviews!
Personally, my order turned out great! I ordered December 15th and got my package January 10th. I do wish I could only order one instead of three, but other than that, the quality of the keychain is super nice!! Customer service was amazing as well. I got quick responses and help when needed.
I will definitely be ordering from Vograce again :)

Love it so much!

I got 3 charms to test out how they looked and how I liked them, and my expectations were blown away! They are so well done and I will definitely come back to order more!

Order it!

Firstly I would like to say I was curious but also cautious at ordering. I stumbled upon Vograce through a YouTube video and loved the products I was seeing so decided I would do a small batch to see how they turned out. I was so surprised by the fact I could order as little as one item for many of the products. As I increased the quantity I even received a discount! I only ordered ten to try and they took off nearly 10$, not very many companies do this. Seeing this at first I was a little skeptical because that’s a huge bargain for a small quantity. Within a few hours I received my proofs and I was able to give the okay for my order to start processing. I ordered on the 27th and received it on the 13th. Opening my package and seeing that not only was it in compostable packaging but then looking even better than I could imagine had me mind blown! I got a custom design made for a low quantity and an amazingly low price! I can honestly say I will be ordering more keychains from them. I haven’t ordered any of the other products yet but from what I’ve seen so far I can’t wait to give them a try!

Thank you very much for your kind comments! We will try to do better~~

Absolutely worth it

I was hesitant to order at first, since I had never ordered anything custom before and was afraid it would come out badly. But I was proven absolutely wrong. The keychain was exactly how I wanted it and look incredibly well made. I already made a second order for more. They look and feel amazing. I will definitely be recommending these to friends and fily that want an excellent keychain.

Great Quality!

I love it so much! For anyone looking to buy these, and for first-timers, at first it may look like it's scratched and damaged, but fortunately it only damages the protective film. Don't forget to peel the protective film!

As for the product itself, it really is a great phone holder and the artwork is clear and great looking! So I will definitely order more acrylic charms in the future :)

It came out great!!

I bought one standee as a test for potential future projects; I can say that I’ll definitely be back for more.

Good quality stickers.

They came out really good. I accidentally ordered the stickers way smaller than I had intended, and I was afraid the illustration's details would be indistinguishable, but aside from my signature, it still looks good.

Absolutely amazing

Quality is amazing, they came out amazing too.

Amazing Quality, and a Wonderful Gift!

I bought these for my partner who lives half-way across the country from me as a second anniversary gift. Drew these myself, and I couldn't be happier with the results! They were high-quality, and my partner can attest to the quality of these charms! I'll definitely be getting myself a few of these as well ❤️
Thank you Vograce for making such a special gift possible!

Dear ~ please take off the protective film, it will be as good as new. O(∩_∩)O~~


Thanks so much. So perfect!!!


the keychain was smaller than i thought it would be. the quality of the image was still good, but not as high as i wanted it. i also wished the saturation was higher, as the colors are a lot more dull in person than i expected them to be. but it wasnt bad for a first order. i will definitely be ordering again in the future.

Excellent Quality

We ordered (3) clear acrylic keychains to sample and review the quality for my daughter's start up business, and we are very impressed with the quality and clarity of the image is excellant.


These are amazing!! Well crafted and just amazing to see a piece I created get transformed like this is incredible. Will have to use these again!!!

Nice Color and Quality

The color on these looks amazing and so close to what it looks like on my computer. The double board is a nice touch to keep the design save, and they really look nice all put together!