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Unique Keychain!

The quality of the lanyard is great! I will definitely order more!

Staff always willing to help!

I often have to change my orders after placing it, whether I'm adding a bit more quantity to a design I submitted, or changing my shipping method, they are always quick to help, and this is a great, quick and efficient way to do it. :D

Amazing! Already bought more :D

I have been getting acrylic keychains of all kinds of variety for a couple of years now, and the quality of both the keychains themselves, as well as the customer service, just keeps getting better! The 3D keychain is a new one for me, as I usually just get the classic style, but I absolutely love the effect this 3D printing gives off, it opens up a whole new world of design styles you can try out. :)


I’ve ordered from Vograce a couple of times now and it’s been constant hits. As long as you take into account delivery and manufacture time you’ll be 100% satisfied.

It came out beautiful!

Item was just how I wanted it! Thank you, Winnie, for your help and patience with me. :)


Very high quality, the rainbow shines so pretty from every angle!! I will definitely order more soon!!!! <3

Really impressed!

I looked around online for a while to find a good site to make some custom stands and I'm really happy with how these have turned out! I currently have one of these on my desk and it looks amazing!

vograce support is also really helpful and does the outline for the edges on their side. so all you need to do is supply the art/files and the measurements for how big you want it to be.
I'm going to have to make some more custom stands soon! (probably some more complex ones with a background now that I know how to properly design them)

the shipping was also super fast so I was really surprised how fast it got to me from overseas! Highly recommend tying out one of these stands!

Hologram Stickers

I've never liked hologram stickers, but my son and my husband recommended the hologram sticker. I do not regret. The end result was perfect and beautiful

Better than I expected

The products are perfect. And the colors! Wow! Amazing! More beautiful than on my monitor


They came out perfect!!!

Good quality

The stickers are very good quality👌🏽


The Pins came out stunning, I'm impressed by how beautiful the rainbow acrylic material looks ! I'll definitely keep coming back to order more from Vograce!


Amazing product, wonderful quality!

Beautiful design choice!

I love that not only is it strudy and each piece can be customized, there even is s little hole do you can charge it while using the stand.


I ordered these for my first vendoring experience along with some keychains (also bought here in Vograce), the stickers had very vibrant colors and was a crowd favorite. They were smaller than I would have wanted them (that was my fault as I didn't take the white border into account) so definitely order up a size! The gloss is amazing and I love the waterproof quality of these. I ordered three types of 2" stickers.

Was perfect for my first vendoring experience!

The quality is amazing and the colours for the most part were great! Just keep in mind that some lighter colors may not show-up as well as some brighter ones. The size was smaller than I had imagined but they were still really cute. The communication was great, I had a lot of changes and they were very patient with me. Would definitely order from them again in the future!

I ordered two double-sided same design 2.5" and three double-sided different designs 2.5" with no additional techniques. :))

Very cute standees

Great product, can recommend - they turned out just as I hoped they would :)

Cute idea

Very cute product idea that turned out amazing, was very happy with my order and my customers loved them too! :)

Great keychains!

I have ordered a lot of these and I am always very happy with how they turn out - can only recommend! Zoey was also very helpful whenever I had any questions or problems, thank you very much!

Beautiful rainbow effect!

I absolutely love the rainbow effects, it makes the keychains look super special - I am very happy with my order and Zoey was so kind and helpful during the process! Thank you!!

Gorgeous! ✨

I made a mistake on one of my designs upon ordering, but thankfully it got fixed upon proofing. 👍👍
One of the things I appreciate about the sticker production (aside from the A++ quality) is that it's never "just" 10 pcs. They seem to always provide extras (one of my designs had twice as much as the initial amount! 💖).
Thank you so much! I'm definitely going to order more in the future!! ✨

Exactly what I envisioned

I had only seen good reviews about this website, which honestly had me kind of skeptical at first, but the charms turned out perfect! The customer service updates were timely and pleasant, and they made sure I knew what to expect with my order (thanks Yanni!)
(What I ordered: Double sided same design / Front side Holographic Broken glasses / 2''(50.8mm)

Absolutely AWESOME

I love these keychains so much! They listened exactly to my requests, even down to how much glitter to add inside, and they came out so great. These make awesome ornaments, I'm so excited to hang them on my tree!

Great product!

This came out great! I love it, and it was completed fairly fast. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the shipper, so I do wish they would stick to shipping with the same company every time, as when they switch between shippers the shipping time varies greatly, and it can cause issues with my customers. But ultimately that's an issue with the shipping companies and not vograce :)

Super Cute!!

I am obsessed with my tote bags! the colors are pretty and i feel like they came out really great! My rep was Stacey and she did amazing as always! 💕 if youre interested in being friends or supporting eachother, my insta is @_stardustco_