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Adore their keychains

I have gotten many keychains off of Vograce and I couldn’t be more happier with them!!

Translucent Pink!

My 3rd time buying keychains from Vograce and I tried the translucent pink for my Power keychain! The colours look great.


Amazing quality! They are even more beautiful in person! It shines so well in the light. The backs are secured on and dont feel like they will fall off. I think I will only order these holographic ones for all my pins now as it just adds that something extra :)

Amazing pins as usual

I love these pins so much, and they always look exactly how I imagine them! They're the perfect size and they're of great quality, thank you so much!


I got tge pins made for freebies and the quality is amazing for the price. I searched all over to get pins made for cheap since it's for freebies and finally found this website. The shipping was fast too. I was concerned i won't get it in time since i placed order exactly 20 days before i needed it but it delivered.

So colorful !

The colors are vibrant and my customers loves it ! They were my first try and I'll definitely do more in trying other colors ☺️☺️ (this one was Pink, can look orange on different lightning)

Love them so much

It's been years than I'm ordering epoxy keychains here (with or without glitters) and I've never been disappointed by the result 🥰🥰 it's my favorite kind of product ! 💜 the colors are bright and The epoxy effect is perfect for cute design !

Amazing !

The quality is great, as much as the material than the printing ☺️☺️ it's not my first time ordering them and I'm always satisfied, my customers love them as well !

Very satisfied!

Love these stickers so much ! The Holo effect is gorgeous! I can't wait to make new design to make it even more visible 🥰🥰

Excellent products and price!

I always get my keyrings from Vograce! Excellent quality every time, and I like the fact that they're shipped with plastic film over them to help protect them so that they do not get scratched up during shipping. It's a great option for small businesses like mine because they have a low MOQ. I've dealt with Yanni, Winnie and Victor as my customer service reps from Vograce, and all of them are responsive and very helpful. Definitely recommend them!

Amazing quality!

The stickers turned out so cute and look amazing!

super cute!

i was worried at first as i had sent an order with different designs and backings form each pin, but it turned out AMAZING!
thank you so much! it was worth the wait :D

amazing result!

this was my first time ordering with vograce and i was NOT disappointed!!
i sent in a pretty complicated order with every charm being a different design and not one mistake was made :D
i will definitely be ordering again in the future :)


these came out lovely!! the image quality is good and they were in good condition when they arrived :) im looking forward to my next order!

Pay attention to the options , options have changed

I always order the Same pins , when ordering this time I selected the 1st option with out hesitation, and received the single sided printing , they are flat and uncoated and not what I usually get 😞. Next time I’ll make sure to select front side epoxy

Photo Shoot Service
Stephanie A.
Great quality photos

Great quality photos comes with allot of different angles , I don’t recommend if you need your items within a certain time frame , they will wait till photos are done to ship

Beautiful pins!

The colour options are so pretty for these pins! I got red and green. The red is very vibrant and really pops while the green is super light and pale, which is exactly what I wanted!

Awesome value!

These bags are such a good value for the price and quality! Bags are large and spacious and perfect for conventions!

My boi!

Look at him he printed so nicely!!! The cut it perfect, no defects in the batch! Solid color acrylic prints kind of matte so if you want it shiny you need epoxy .

First time buyer

This was my first time buying anything from Vograce, but as my small business is expanding, we needed to look into more products. The process of uploading and labelling the designs was SUPER easy as long as you follow the instructions on the product page. I received the proofs very fast and approving them was quick and easy. The most challenging part was the shipping, as they shipped about a week and a half after estimated, and sat in one spot for over a week (but that isn't necessarily Vograce's fault, maybe just the U.S.P.S.). The charms all arrived wrapped in bubble wrap over individual bags and looked AMAZING! We did double sided with holo stars and they are so pretty! We actually ended up with 5 extra charms for some reason too, so, bonus! I will definitely be recommending this to others and using again in the future.

Thick boy!

A different company I used had very thin and flimsy charms. Vograce's charms are much more sturdy and the print it much better too. I love how mine turned out!! The negative space is the part that glows!

Well done!

All of mine turned out so nice! I had a mix of solid color and translucent. All of them printed 🥰 the solid color dosent have a sealing acrylic so if you want,get an epoxy coat. I wanted the matte look so no epoxy for me.

I love them 😭

My little charms turned out so cute! The print quality is amazing, the quality of the pieces are really good, and the tiny pieces are so clean! The epoxy is also really nice to have, depending on your artwork. My Gris one has epoxy

Very clean

Even though they were tiny, they were very durable and clean looking.

Love it!

Ive ordered 3 different candy charms from them and I love how they turned out! The little glitter options have a tendency to stick to the acrylic pieces and the outer bag but besides that I love the sound it makes!