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It’s perfect!

Very cute!

All my buttons came looking great, though my own print colors were too dark. Be aware when you make a super saturated file so this doesn't happen to you!

Very thick!

Very thick wood with a nice, shiny finish. The print quality was very crisp!

Amazing Charms!

This was my first time ordering keychains like this, and I’m very glad that I decided to choose Vograce! The quality is amazing! The print is great considering the size of the charms, the clasps are strong, and the holographic stars are a super cute touch! Thank you so much for an amazing product. I can’t wait to order from y’all again!

Custom shaker keychain

VERY nicely put together and exactly how I imagined it to be. A great gift for my sister, and it looked very professional. No scratches were found, keychain works great.

Thrilled with my purchase!

Words can’t describe how positive of an experience this was for me. It was my first time ordering custom made keychains, and not only did they come in perfectly and exactly how I wanted, but I received excellent customer service from Una. They helped me from start to finish and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. Shipping was also extremely fast! I will absolutely be ordering again and I cannot wait.

Totally worth it!

I have only recently started selling my works, I wanted to try Vograce after so many good reviews on social media. totally worth it!


the gold really brings out the color! loving how bright it is on the sides, it really grabs your attention. thank you!

beautiful !!!

This was my first time ordering from vograce. I wanted to try a sample for myself to see how the general ordering process was, and I think I am pretty pleased with how this charm turned out :-) I thought I'd get myself a cute lollipop charm to go with a stuffed animal I'd sewn. Other than these strange tiny stringy debris inside the bag - I think they are from the manufacturing process - it came out perfectly! <3 The ribbon is also different from what is shown in the cable tie options (gold and pink lace instead of the pink polka-dot ribbon,) which is strange, I do think they ought to fix that, but I don't mind in this case personally since it meshes more with the design of the kitty. Got here in less than a month and the processing as a whole went relatively quickly ! I have already put in my next order and I hope it comes in just as smoothly :-]

More than satisfied.

I failed to respond to their verification email in a timely manner, and yet they still went out of their way to finish and ship my product to me before a deadline I had. Hopefully I can work with these guys again. :)


I love how brightly they glow.


Adorable and sparkly, I love the starry holographic effect.

Everything I hoped for!

The quality of the wood pins was flawless, and the printed art was way more crisp and detailed than I thought was possible on wood! It also has that lovely woody smell that is perfect for my camping theme pins!

Great experience!

If you are scared to get them bc you don't know how they will turn out, don't be afraid! I was super scared to buy them since it was my first time ordering keychains but they turned out amazing! I want to clarify the size I ordered since I was pretty lost when I ordered mines and they turned out bigger than I expected (my fault). My charms are the 3,5in or 8,9 cm and they look pretty big. But im super happy with the result! The quality is amazing and everything was well packed and the shipping went super fast! I will definitely order from Vograce again!


I've never had a problem with the keychains, they always come quickly and I haven't had any damaged! They're super cute;0;

Cute as heck

The shaker was really cute and great quality! Definitely ordering again and I recommend you do too

While one of keychain designs printed a bit grainier than I expected, on the whole they are all brilliant quality with exactly the colours I wanted printed. It is very satisfying to peel the protective film from the back of each charm, and it protects it so well.
On my first order, unfortunately a few had defects - but Vograce was very helpful and reproduced them for me at no cost. While there can be a slight language barrier, Vograce customer service is really excellent.

One of my favourite things to do is create a different design for the back. If you put a fun rainbow on one side it will show beautifully through the sides on the front as you turn it around.

The print quality is so vibrant and each of the designs has come out so well! Some of them are a little difficult to remove from the backing, but they stick really well too and I haven't had any issues with ripping.
The team was extremely helpful in making sure the cut for the designs was right, and I always appreciate that there's a few extra stickers for each design.

Bewitchingly Shiny

Vograce always does so nice on the print, the colours are lovely and the holograohic effect has come out so well! It was a little confusing to get the transparency sorted so that the holographic effect would show through the design on the sticker. Finally managed to get there in the end and Sylvia from Vograce was so helpful in answering my questions. Will definitely order these again.

Gorgeous and Excellent Quality!

Each book arrived individually packaged and with plenty of bubble wrap which kept them safe. I am so incredibly happy with the print quality and how they've all come out!
While shipping took quite a while, it was worth the wait for them to all arrive.

Amazing Quality/Colors

I absolutely loveee how my keychains turned out! Received them faster than expected and the colors look amazing!!!

They're durable well quality stickers , would buy again but make sure to order the right size

Great quality!

I love these charms so much! They turned out perfect. Thank you!

CRAZY AMAZING! + great customer service?

Holy cow!! My experience with Vograce could NOT have been better. I was helped by Yanni and they were so efficient and made sure the details were perfect. They worked with when the details were not right and when the files didn’t turn up clear. To add to that, I received the stickers in a week. They are gorgeous and high quality. I have no complaints whatsoever.

I ordered 50 and my business will be ready to set off soon!!

Wonderful Results

They turned out exactly like the proof. Communication was clear and stickers came in no time!