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Das Beispielpaket befindet sich derzeit in der Anpassungsstufe, wodurch es reichlicher ist. Das tatsächliche, das Sie erhalten, unterscheidet sich von dem auf der Seite angezeigten. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Textbeschreibung

Beispielpaket enthält die folgenden ...

1x doppelseitig gedrucktes Acrylcharm
1x Acryl BBQ Dango Schlüsselbund
1x Acryllollipop -Charme
1x Regenbogen -Acryl+Frontseite Epoxy Acrylcharm
1xacrylic Ice Cream -Schlüsselbund
1x Lanyard Keychain
1x Shaker Acrylzauber
1x benutzerdefinierte holographische klare Acrylstifte (Sakura)
1x ein Stück Acrylständer
1x Candy Keychain
1x rote Kirschholz -Holzschüsse
1x synthetische Kirschholz -Schlüsselanhänger
1x Washi Tape
1x Aufkleber -Beispielbox
1x Kuss geschnittene Aufkleberblätter
1x Tarotkarten

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Sydney S.
Excellent and Timely!

The samples are perfect and really helped my partner and I decide on what we wanted to order right away. The products are high quality and I'm so happy with Vograce so far!

Thoughtful R.
Sample Pack Impresses

I am very pleased with the sample pack, it gave me a better understanding of the products I am interested in ordering to have a physical item to look at. I'm definitely going to be ordering shaker charms next!

Great sampling box

Everything was a good representation of what they have to offer and Im excited to see what I can make! It came faster than expected and this box really helped me get a good hold on the ideas I have.

Amazing Quality

The sample pack came extremely fast (around a week or so), and it was in perfect condition! The packaging protected the box very well and nothing was damaged. The products inside were of really great quality, the acrylic and epoxy keychains/keychain charms felt really smooth, nice, and weighted. The colors were vibrant and there were so many samples of stickers! The holographic prints didn't block the design at all and looked very nice. The samples all had their materials, how to use them, and other details listed which was very convenient and helpful. I will be definitely ordering more items based off the sample products, which helped me make decisions about what products I want to make. It's also an amazing price for everything you receive! :)


So the sample box is amazing for started. They include different claps on the various acrylic charm samples which are are very nice quality. This I found to be amazing beach it very much made me see what I do and do not want on my future charms. Everything was packaged very securely which I appreciated greatly as even thought the box was dented, which is not Vograce's fault, everything arrived safe and sound. It gave me a look at the quality of each of the items and gave me a good idea of what I will be ordering customs of in the future. Each of the stickers also had a backing card which explained what each was and the different qualities on them. I currently have decorated a water bottle with them and plan to test the waterproof ones with how well they stand to me washing it by hand. Overall very happy and if you are unsure what material would be best for your business ventures, a must get.

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