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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Good service and rep

My rep Sylvia is always swift to reply and answer my enquiries clearly! It's a joy working with her and Vograce has managed to get my desired outcome right with little miscommunication :')!!

Margaux M.
Great quality as always

I'm super happy with my products, they're always great quality and securely packaged !
I've been communicating with Candy and i was in a rush to receive everything before a convention and i got them in time !! So that was really great. She's been very helpful for sizing on shakers, or info on specific samples i wanted to try :)
I really love the diversity of products and the new things we can try here at vograce, like the ripple keychains.

Amanda F.
Winnie is the best <3

Winnie always comes through for me and ensures everything is perfect. I always appreciate all the effort and time she puts into my orders, and is always ensuring they arrive on time! I always feel like she has my back. Thank you Winnie and Vograce for always going above and beyond!

Stacey is amazing!! <3

I would like to start this review off by saying I could not be more impressed with my rep Stacey and Vograce as a company. I could talk about them for hours on end! The quality of everything is always so amazing and Stacey is literally the best!! I always feel so bad because whenever I order, I feel like I’m in a rush to get everything back in time (I’m pretty bad at planning ahead). but Stacey always goes above and beyond to make sure I receive everything in time while still maintaining the consistency in quality across their products! You would have no clue that what I ordered was a rush order because everything comes out amazing each time!! Thank you so so much, always! 💕💕💕 I will always recommend Stacey <3 If you’re an artist or small business totally go with Vograce if you haven’t already! And let’s be mutuals!! my insta is @_stardustco_

Henry Z.
Great Consistent Quality Keychains

I ordered for the first time recently from VoGrace for their Keychains after hearing about them from other artists in the anime convention scene, and I am happy with the products I receive. I always order now from VoGrace for the acrylic epoxy keychains, and my representative Winnie W. has been a great help to make the process smoother!

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