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Produktname Poster
MOQ 10Stücke/Design
Geschätzte Versandkosten, Produktionszeit
Größe 21*29,7 cm, 29,7*42 cm

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Dateianforderungen Bitte laden Sie PSD/PNG/PDF/AI -Datei hoch. Bitte stellen Sie CMYK -Farbe an. Benötigen 300 Auflösung, 1000 Pixel oder mehr

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lu M.
Surprised and happy!

I’ve had trouble with ordering prints online in the past, I was gonna just bite the bullet and order my own printer. But, Vograce surprised me! When I saw the printing option I was slightly skeptical, but wanted to give it a try. It was pretty cheap all things considered, and when they arrived, I was very happy to see they came out fantastically! The paper I got had a good weight to it, there was no dizziness in the printing (very crisp print), and the gloss on top gives it a nice sheen. I would recommend printing with Vograce for anyone who can’t jump on getting a printer themselves. I will say, Vograce if you’re seeing this, my only suggestion is adding more sizes for printing in the future!

Brianna E.
Custom poster printing review

Great! Came exactly as I wanted, no errors looks amazing! Customer service was amazing as per usual

Awesome Quality

I'm very impressed with the quality of the paper and the color! I feared the color would've come out way different since there were many colorful and bright colors/gradients on my illustration but it came out perfectly and accurately. It is my first time ever purchasing customized prints and I will continue to do so here.

Thank you so much :D

Incredible Quality for Incredible Price

Hi there! If you're wondering about the quality of these prints look no further! I have a good explanation of how the color shows up on the paper and how it feels in hand! A prerequisite for why my review might hold a little bit of weight with other buyers, ***I used to work in a professional print shop!***

I can safely say that these are the absolute hands down best prints I have ever had in my hands!!!!! I honestly wasn't expecting such incredible quality paper, ink, and DPI for such a low price. I have NEVER before held my art in my hands and felt the way I felt. I have sold work in galleries with less quality prints, I have sold prints to clients on lesser quality. I genuinely held these and fell in love with prints all over again!

I have some pretty dark contrasting prints that are drawn to show low-light situations or that just have general darker theme, and when I say it felt like I just took it out of my screen I mean it! I have worked with industrial professional printers, I have worked with specialized printers, yet nothing has come close to just how incredibly rich and ACCURATE the colors are to what I created. The dark colors do not become muddy or distorted, they are just as crisp as they are on my screen. The lighter colors also appear fantastically! Again, it feels like I just took my artwork out of my screen, nothing like how any print I've done for my artworks before.

The feeling in hand is also something incredible, most prints from the shops I have worked at before cost astronomically more for such quality paper and take far longer than what it took to receive these. I absolutely adore Vograce and the printing team they're working with for this! These prints are above and beyond my greatest expectations for my works and I will be buying more very soon.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to bring my art to life in such an incredible way.

Stephanie C.
Really good quality

Im inlove woth the quality of this posters and will order more in the future ~

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