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Double sided printing

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Produktname Postkarte
Mindestbestellanzahl (MOQ) 10 Stücke/Design
Geschätzte Versandkosten, Produktionszeit
Größe 10.2*15,2 cm, 12,7*17,8 cm

1UODSTNI05YA4KBM? USP = Drive_Link

Datei Anforderungen Bitte lade eine PSD/PNG/PDF/AI Datei hoch. Bitte in CMYK Farben bereitstellen. Benötigt wird 300 Auflösung, 1000px oder mehr.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
super happy

My first time ordering a postcard on vograce usually I just go to walmart to buy a 4x6 card, but I just love the paper quality so much more and the fact I can have two sides being different is so cool. I love vograce !!

Sarai F.
Love this!!!

I love how vograce keeps my bright colors for all my postcards!

Acacia L.
Great little postcards! Denji looks awesome!

These postcards are some of the favorite I've ordered! The printing is accurate and clear (genuinely, THANK YOU, Vograce, for listing your specific ICC profiles on your website, so many printers don't even bother.) and the pictures I have don't do the holographic shine justice. Also, the cut lines are perfect, and crisp, with no tearing on the edges (as I've learned recently, you don't get with every company, check the part about shipping below).

My Vograce rep, Frank, even caught some formatting mistakes I had made, which wouldn't happen with many other printers I've worked with. I genuinely appreciate the care that was taken to make sure my postcards came out so pretty.

Shipping to the USA can take a few months, since they're making these on the other side of the world, but every order I've had with Vograce has arrived to me safely, and without any damage. My stuff with Vograce is always packed well, and weathers the rigors of international shipping. In contrast, I recently bought business cards with a company that is within a day's drive to me, and not only were half of them just cut very poorly, many of them were so damaged from the poor packing job and the shipper they chose was so rough that I couldn't use 75% of my cards! The difference in service is night and day. Vograce did a better job.

If you get to read this, hi, Frank, thanks again. I'm super happy with my stuff and so are my clients and friends!

(also, check out the video to see the shimmer! but mute it, it was WINDY the day I did my photoshoot!)

Very Pretty!

They look amazing and they are vibrant! They are perfect and i absolutely love them so, so much!

Jocasta N.
wonderful as always!

The holographic finish turned out just lovely and I'm really happy with how they turned out!

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