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Produktname Manjuu Plüsch
MOQ 5 Stück/Design
Größe 7,5 cm im Durchmesser
Accessoires Kleine Ohren, lange Ohren, Hörner, Schweif, BB -Pfeife
Geschätzte Versandkosten, Produktionszeit
Anpassbar Zubehör, Design


Runder Plüsch Schlüsselanhänger

Das Manjuu Plüsch kann angepasst werden nach Muster und Design des Kunden. Accessoires beinhalten kleine Ohren, lange Ohren, Hörner, Schweif, BB Pfeife und Perlen Kette. Vograce personalisiertes Plüsch ist aus kurzem Plüsch und PP Baumwolle hergestellt, was sehr wich und gemütlich ist. Das gedruckte Muster wird sich nicht ablösen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Dayley C.

Arrived very fast and turned out super cute!!!!

I love it!

I've been looking forward to ordering these with my OCs ever since I had discovered this website. Luckily I had a coupon saved, so I decided to use it for this order. The template was a little tricky for me, but I was able to successfully figure it out on my own. I wish I had made my design more vibrant/ increased the saturation, but thankfully it wasn't too washed out in color. I tend to use a lot of softer tones with my artworks, so if I ever order another set of these, I will do that. The manjuu keychain is soft but surprisingly firm, it reminded me of a stress ball. To my surprise, they finished production way quicker than I had anticipated, it was shipped a week later after it went in production. I'm just really happy with the quality and to have custom merch of my OCs!

Komi S.
Adorable little plushies

First time ordering and I’m quite content with how they turned out! Thought they’d be more squishy but they’re so cute nonetheless!! They’re still very soft and colours are quite nice.
Might change the placement of the ears next time but overall, these are very cute! Service was great and only issue i had was paying a lot of customs. But other than that, it was a good experience. Might order them again 💕

(2/2) manjuu plushes order!! very happy!!

This is the 2nd time I ordered! This time there is more filling inside which make this batch a bit thicker and harder to squeeze but not a complaint! The colors are very good and still soft!

Nice quality

Don't really see any merch manufacture service that offer omanjuu plush, so I wanted to try out when I found out Vograce offers this product. The quality is good and very cute! Staff reached back for art proof pretty fast. The template took a bit to navigate but not too difficult. Overall great experience and would order again.

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