Personalisierte Kiss-cut Stickerbögen (ISO Papierformate)

Normaler Preis$10.00
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Menge (das Kaufgerät ist 10 Stück)
Die Aufkleber werden von 10 Prozent gewertet, sodass der Preis für den Betrag × 10 pcs beträgt (zum Beispiel: Wenn Sie 100 PCs erhalten möchten, geben Sie bitte "10" ein).
The stickers are counted by 10pcs, so the price is for the amount × 10pcs (for example: if you need to buy 100 stickers, fill in 10 in the quantity column)
Die Schnittlinie der Sticker ist 1,5mm, daher müssen mindestens 3mm zwischen den einzelnen Stickern gelassen werden
Die Sticker sind in 10ern abgezählt, der Preis ist somit die Anzahl x 10 Stück (Beispiel: wenn du 100 Stück bestellen möchtest bitte “10” eingeben)
Produktname Kiss-cut Stickerbögen (ISO Papierformate)
Mindestanzahl(MOQ) 50 Stück / mehrere Designs
Geschätzte Versandkosten, Produktionszeit, Logistik Aktualität
Angepasst werden kann Größe, Design
Besonderheit Umweltfreundlich
Datei Anforderungen Bitte lade eine PSD/PNG/PDF/AI Datei hoch. Bitte in CMYK Farben bereitstellen. Benötigt wird 300 Auflösung, 1000px oder mehr. Das beste Dateiformat ist PNG mit Transparenten Hintergrund oder PSD Format.
Hinweis bei einer Bestellung von mehr als 10 Stickern oder mit besonderen Anforderungen bieten wir einen Nachweis zur Überprüfung

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

i'm so glad with how they turned out it's perfect! i will definitely order again

Super high quality and exactly what I needed!

I ordered several designs and they all came out great! It's hard to find vinyl sticker sheets with a low MOQ, so this is a perfect solution :)

Awesome quality!

The stickers look fantastic! This isn’t my first time ordering from Vograce, however it is my first time getting these sticker sheets. The vinyl is a great quality and it’s very shiny and durable. It’s not too thick like some sheets. It’s thin enough that you can put the stickers on very small items without worrying about the design looking too bulky.

I had some trouble with the formatting but my service representative Freya was very helpful in making quick changes to my order. She also was able to change my shipping option after I had chosen the wrong one at checkout.

My items arrived just in time for the event I was going to and I got so many compliments! Would order again. ❤️

Megan D.

I ordered 6 different designs and they all turned out beautifully! It was super easy talking with Yanni about my order and getting everything squared away. Definitely will be reordering with Vograce in the future!

Excellent quality and colors !

I've ordered 2 sizes and several designs so far, each with their own specificities, and I'm very happy about how each design came out ! The colors are very intense and pretty, the cutlines I've made myself were kindly fixed and followed and turned out perfect ! I'm not a fan of white borders around stickers most of the time so being able to have the background included in the cut is so great ! I even had a clear sticker sheet which turned out great ! Thanks a lot to Tessa and the team who've been taking care of my designs and proofs ! In terms of quality & price, I can only recommend these stickers sheets as I don't think you can be disappointing with the print and that since you can submit several designs at a time, you can save a lot if you don't need too many sheets !
I've tried both glossy vinyl and clear stickers so far.

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