Benutzerdefinierte herzförmige Knopfstifte

Normaler Preis$0.66

Produktname Herzförmige Blechplattenabzeichen/Knopfstifte
Vorteile Dünn & leicht, niedriger Preis
MOQ 5pcs, 5 PCs/Design
Größe 53*57 mm
Hauptmaterial Zinnplatte
Backplate Eisenböden
Zubehör Stift
Kann angepasst werden Laminierungsfilm, Design


Notiz Wenn Sie mehr als 5 Pins bestellt haben oder besondere Anforderungen haben, bieten wir Ihnen Proofs/Cutlines zur Bestätigung an



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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
One of my Favorite Products

I love the heart buttons from vograce! They always turn out nice and bright, and are such a unique shape!

Very cute!

All my buttons came looking great, though my own print colors were too dark. Be aware when you make a super saturated file so this doesn't happen to you!

A great surprise

I ordered heart shaped buttons on another platform and didn't like the colors, so I tried vograce without much hope and to my surprise, the colors came out exactly as seen on the screen and each one packaged on individual plastic bags so they wouldn't get scratched, I'll be ordering again in the future

Randi K.
Will be buying from again very soon!

These are great! The holographic heart design I got shines through beautifully, and the design is printed perfectly as well. They shipped really fast too, and arrived in great condition. I will say there were a few buttons that the design was slightly off center but I think this was more about my design than the creation of the buttons themselves, I left a border like this because I like how it looks but on the template it shows how to create your design with a bit 'extra' on the edges to help it all blend well. So if you want them to all be perfectly uniform looking, I would reccomend following the template more closely than I did, but I'm still amazed at how many turned out Perfect, and how all of them are perfectly sellable! They're so pretty, I will definitely be getting more buttons through this website <3 YouTube video placeholder
Really cute buttons!

These are adorable, so much variety to choose to customize. Staff was helpful too, and shipping was swift. Definitely planning to place a second order with more designs!

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