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Double sided printing

Wenn Sie mehrere Größen oder mehr als 5 Designs haben, fügen Sie den Einkaufswagen in Chargen für die Siedlung hinzu 

Da der Preis dieses Produkts mit der Anzahl der einzelnen Designs zusammenhängt, verwenden wir Software von Drittanbietern, um den Preis für die Bedürfnisse von Kunden mit mehreren Designs festzulegen, um die Bestellung zu erleichtern
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Produktname Tarot-Karten
MOQ 10Stücke/Design
Geschätzte Versandkosten, Produktionszeit
Größe 5,7*8,7 cm, 6,3*8,8 cm, 5,9*10,2 cm
Dateianforderungen Bitte laden Sie PSD/PNG/PDF/AI -Datei hoch. Bitte stellen Sie CMYK -Farbe an. Benötigen 300 Auflösung, 1000 Pixel oder mehr

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Giselle C.

More than i expected, and for the price I really should have grabbed more cards. For me this is all new so I was confused and how things worked but once I figured it out it went smoothly, I had a proof within days and got my item in under two weeks. I am so happy to use this in my little mystery boxes. Also Im excited to buy more!

Sofie D.

I ordered the smallest size to use as thank you cards for group orders I hold on ig/twt and they are perfect. The holo is so so beautiful, there's no problem with the cuts and they're all the symmetrical and centered. The coating feels really high quality, too. Reese was quick with any question I had and sent me the proofs quite quickly. As always, no problem with Vograce.

Sophia K.
Absolutely stunning!!!

Ordered two size of cards, tarot card size and play cars ones. They quality is amazing. No signs of offset and the holo film makes my tarot size cards shinning more in the light. Im planning to make more designs to print those cards soon! I highly recommend for prints whole decks as well!

Cheryl C.
Turned out good.

Overall good print quality. The corners could be more rounded and cut better. But film on top is good, doesn't seem like it can be easily picked apart.

May Y.
Nice for the most part

They're pretty nice. Got 3 designs in glossy and 1 in holographic. The holographic isn't overpowering, which I love. Only thing is that a lot of my cards were not centered. You can easily tell with how I designed my cards. If you make them, make sure that whatever you design doesn't have to be centered to look right. I had a ribbon with text and one side of it got chopped off in a lot of the cards. I knew that this was a possibility, but didn't expect it to happen to the majority of them.

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