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Enjoy the opptunity to custom your keychain samples!

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Customer Reviews

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Venn D.

I'm so happy!! no complaints at all!

beautiful !!!

This was my first time ordering from vograce. I wanted to try a sample for myself to see how the general ordering process was, and I think I am pretty pleased with how this charm turned out :-) I thought I'd get myself a cute lollipop charm to go with a stuffed animal I'd sewn. Other than these strange tiny stringy debris inside the bag - I think they are from the manufacturing process - it came out perfectly! <3 The ribbon is also different from what is shown in the cable tie options (gold and pink lace instead of the pink polka-dot ribbon,) which is strange, I do think they ought to fix that, but I don't mind in this case personally since it meshes more with the design of the kitty. Got here in less than a month and the processing as a whole went relatively quickly ! I have already put in my next order and I hope it comes in just as smoothly :-]

A great place to start!

I'm very pleased that Vograce offers to do samples like this! It gave me a idea how it all works and over all I had a very good experience. Highly recommend ordering a sample if you are just starting!

Kathryn M.

The quality is very impressive, especially considering the drawing I supplied. It feels very nice to hold in my hands, and the product arrived perfectly undamaged.

A D.
✧ Good offer! ✧

A very good offer/opportunity for new customers to test out the product and it's quality.
I am very satisfied with the overall process/customer experience, the tutorials provided by Vograce (f.e. how-to files set-up), the variation of products and the outcome itself. The shipping time was also as estimated, product arrived well packaged.
I've attached here photos of my sample keycharms: those are "rainbow acrylic" and double-sided print with a semi-transparent layer. It's a good idea to make the colours with stronger contrast.
Vograce, thank you very much for the good job!

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