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The sample package is currently in the adjustment stage, which makes it more abundant, so the actual one you receive will be different from the one displayed on the page. For details, please refer to the text description

Sample Pack contains the following...

1x Double sided printed acrylic charm
1x Acrylic BBQ Dango Keychain
1x Acrylic lollipop charm
1x Rainbow acrylic+front side epoxy acrylic charm
1xAcrylic Ice Cream Keychain
1x lanyard keychain
1x Shaker acrylic charm
1x Custom Holographic Clear Acrylic Pins(Sakura)
1x One piece acrylic stand
1x Candy keychain
1x Red Cherry Wood keychains
1x Synthetic Cherry Wood keychains
1x Washi tape
1x Eight kinds of stickers
1x Kiss cut sticker sheets

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Super helpful for new buyers!

The sample pack has so many different products to choose and compare from. It really gives you a good idea of the quality and irl look for future projects! 100% recommend!

Reina R.
Love this option!

The sample pack is a must-have for a first-time buyer like myself! I was able to compare products and decide on what I wanted to order next! Highly recommend!

Brandon L.
Super in-depth samples - must-buy for new users!

For the price, you really can't go wrong with ordering this pack, especially if you've never ordered from Vograce before. I wanted to get a good idea of what I could order in the future, and having such a nice selection of products to examine in person is a treat! I already have many more ideas for future orders!

Grace K.

Everything is so nice and I am defiantly going to be buying some of these products

Star D.

The sample pack is the best thing to purchase *along* with whatever samples you are getting especially if you're ordering for the first time from Vograce. I ordered Epoxy Keychains as samples for a shop I'm opening and I got the sample pack just to see what the options look like. I'm so glad I did because after ordering, I realized the keychain that I got ended up being a size too small for what I wanted to sell. It also gave me an idea of what the special effects look like on the keychains and stickers. It's perfect to see the actual sizes of your product.


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