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The sample package is currently in the adjustment stage, which makes it more abundant, so the actual one you receive will be different from the one displayed on the page. For details, please refer to the text description

Sample Pack contains the following...

1x Double sided printed acrylic charm
1x Acrylic BBQ Dango Keychain
1x Acrylic lollipop charm
1x Rainbow acrylic+front side epoxy acrylic charm
1x Acrylic Ice Cream Keychain
1x lanyard keychain
1x Shaker acrylic charm
1x Custom Holographic Clear Acrylic Pins(Sakura)
1x One piece acrylic stand
1x Candy keychain
1x Red Cherry Wood keychains
1x Synthetic Cherry Wood keychains
1x Washi tape
1x Sticker Sample Box
1x Kiss cut sticker sheets
1x Tarot Card

1x Post Card

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Customer Reviews

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Everything you need!

This is a very nice sample pack for a very fair prize, definitely recommended for getting an idea of the quality of products (that is outstanding), size and variety. The stickers pack is very useful as it shows every different option and every good (they are actually a lot) comes with a brief and clear explanation.

Reseña en español:
Este es un muy buen pack de muestras por un precio bastante competente, definitivamente recomendado para hacerse a la idea de la calidad de los productos (que es bastante alta), su tamaño y su variedad. El pack de pegatinas es súper útil, te enseña literalmente cualquier opción que pidas y todas las cositas que vienen (que no son pocas) incluyen una explicación clara y cortita.

Great Sample Pack!!

This is a great pack to get if you are unsure where to start. You can see the quality of what you will get when you order. I love that they send you the two different types of wood keychains so you can decide what will work best for you! Also love that all the keychains and stickers have info on the back for what they work best with and care instructions. I can't wait to get my designs made into keychains and washi tape!

Super quality

Super to see new products and know what kind of many diffrent type they have ! I live in quebec andit took 16 days!

Blobi b.
Amazing quality

Ordering this sample pack was a great idea, you can see and feel the difference between sticker options and more! The quality is surprisingly amazing, but I miss more keychain options like glitter or colored acrylic or the liquid shaker keychain !! Overall it's very useful to see the difference and match the best option for you!!

Colorful R.
So useful!

I'm really happy I've got this sample pack for myself. I prefer to see products with my own eyes, then just a plain photos on the internet, so samples here were very helpfull for me in deciding what would I want to get next! I really recommend buying this.

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