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Product name Manjuu plush
MOQ 5 pieces/design
Size 7.5cm in diameter
Accessories Small ears, long ears, horns, tail, BB whistle
Estimated shipping cost, production time
Customizable accessories, design


Round plush keychain
The customized Manjuu plushes can be customized according to the pattern and design provided by the customer. Accessories include small ears, long ears, horns, tail, BB whistle and bead chain. Vograce custom Manjuu plush is made of short plush + PP cotton, which is very soft and comfortable. The printed pattern will not fall off.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer M.
Best Manjuu plush!

The manjuu plush came out nicely. If you follow the instructions to design the plush, the print will not look weird! So mine came out perfect and soft and a lil firm but also a bit squishy. What more can I say? I love Vograce!

Marina B.

I included a little example of what I wanted the manjuu to end up looking like in my PSD file and Vograce has completely nailed it! She turned out perfectly and I adore her so much!

River Y.

I've been looking for a way to make merch of my ocs, and these manjuus did not disappoint! They're so adorable and I love them so much.

Dayley C.

Arrived very fast and turned out super cute!!!!

I love it!

I've been looking forward to ordering these with my OCs ever since I had discovered this website. Luckily I had a coupon saved, so I decided to use it for this order. The template was a little tricky for me, but I was able to successfully figure it out on my own. I wish I had made my design more vibrant/ increased the saturation, but thankfully it wasn't too washed out in color. I tend to use a lot of softer tones with my artworks, so if I ever order another set of these, I will do that. The manjuu keychain is soft but surprisingly firm, it reminded me of a stress ball. To my surprise, they finished production way quicker than I had anticipated, it was shipped a week later after it went in production. I'm just really happy with the quality and to have custom merch of my OCs!

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